Meet the Candidates
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Thursday, March 31, 2016


Jordan Monaghan

Jordan Monaghan is a junior politics and international affairs major who has been a part of Student Government since his SG Jordanfreshman year. He has been co-chair of the Appropriations and Charter Committee in Student Government for two years. In addition, Monaghan is also a Student Adviser, a PREPARE facilitator and an executive member of the fraternity Chi Psi. The three main elements of his presidential platform are unity, connection and wellbeing.

If elected, Monaghan plans to address campus unity by establishing student government ambassadors to ensure that representatives from different communities on campus — both established and not — may have a direct voice in Student Government. Additionally, he hopes to highlight the athletic community on campus through an athlete appreciation week and through athlete spotlights. Monaghan would promote connection by holding quarterly meetings with other area schools. Additionally, he hopes to work with the OPCD to release survey data about internship opportunities. To maintain campus wellbeing, Monaghan plans to improve Aramark eating options to accommodate personal and religious dieting choices and to continue Mental Health Week.

Suvra Mostafa

Suvra Mostafa is a junior anthropology major. In addition to her work with Student Government, Mostafa is conducting an independSG Suvraent study with local low-income youth, and recently attended the Society for Applied Anthropology’s annual meeting in Vancouver. The four main aspects of her platform are campus safety, creating inclusion, educational initiatives and transparency.

If elected, Mostafa plans to address campus safety by reviewing current policies and ensuring that they are inclusive for students of all backgrounds. She plans to promote inclusion by working with existing campus initiatives and making maps of the gender-neutral bathroom locations in each campus building.  Additionally, she would like to reform freshman orientation activities to better prepare students with the skills necessary to succeed at Wake Forest. To address diversity, she plans to start a discussion about how to reform existing curriculum. Her focus on health and wellbeing is geared towards both environmental health and student health. She plans to host a “Ladies Night” in the gym to address gender gym separation. Additionally, she plans to increase the transparency of Student Government under her accountability platform and wants to host Pit dinners for students to talk with student government members.

Ann Nguyen

Ann Nguyen is a junior sociology major. When she is not working with Student Government, Nguyen is an intern in the Office of Sustainability and is known for frequenting the Wake Forest University Snapchat account. Her platform focuses on four elements: diversity, student life, sustainability and restructuring Student Government.SG Ann

If elected, Nguyen plans to embrace campus diversity by creating a Presidential Commission for Women and by electing students as Community Affairs Ambassadors. In order to improve student life on campus, Nguyen plans to hold regular town halls for students to have a voice and better express their opinions to student government. Additionally, she will attempt to revise Aramark policies and administrative policies to bring the power back to the students. Under her sustainability platform, Nguyen has an idea to create a “freecycle” program through which students and organizations can share left over materials, conserving resources and saving money. She is passionate about bringing sustainability into the discussion spotlight. She hopes to restructure student government so that it best represents the student body, embracing the role of the judicial committee.


Dante Lizza

Dante Lizza is a sophomore majoring in politics and international affairs. He was previously a senator and is currently the cSG Danteo-chair of the Student Relations Council. As a senator, he helped to reform the process student organizations must go through to receive a charter. The process used to take up to three months, but it now takes only two weeks.

A major part of his platform is giving students a greater voice in Student Government.  He believes that many of the problems on campus have practical solutions, and that he will be able to solve them quickly and easily with better communication and organization if elected as Secretary. One way he will give students a greater voice is by better publicizing town halls, so that more students are able to go and voice their opinions. More specifically, he wants to create a Parking and Transportation Advisory Board to work with the Counseling Center to ensure that students have transportation to off-campus counseling appointments.

Danny Reeves

Danny Reeves is a freshman who joined Student Government in the fall. He says he has had the privilege of learning a lot abSG Dannyout the school and meeting people from diverse backgrounds during that time. He says he is very passionate about the university and about Student Government. He thinks his passion will be an asset to the executive branch.

Within Student Government, he wants to make the atmosphere more inclusive by having a Student Government orientation the weekend before students return to classes. Outside of Student Government, he wants to bring together influential organizations to voice issues without admininistrative oversight. In addition, Reeves wants to continue to meet with Winston-Salem State University to discuss issues that both universities face, an initiative started by current Student Government president, Adam Hammer. He would like to expand it, too, and meet with universities such as High Point, the University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill and Duke.


Kathryn Webster

Kathryn Webster is a junior majoring in business and enterprise management. She is currently a senator and part of the SG KathrynStudent Budget Advisory Committee within Student Government. She has been a senator since her freshman year, serving as secretary of the campus life committee, secretary of the appropriations and charters committee and chair of the judiciary committee during her time in the Senate. Outside of the university, she has served as the treasurer of the National Association of Blind Students, a national non-profit organization which she says has taught her how to be an effective treasurer.

As Treasurer, Webster wants to provide financial assistance to anyone that wants to run for a Student Government position. She also wants to expand the Student Government budget, since it has not changed since 2010, by finding other outlets such as alumni outreach and the student engagement portion of the Wake Will campaign.

Speaker of the House:

Hakeem Oufkir

Hakeem Oufkir is a junior majoring in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry and minoring in biology. He first raSG Hakeemn for Student Government during his freshman year. He was on the campus life committee during his sophomore year. Prior to college, he was the president of his high school’s student body. He has been involved in organizations including MSA, OLAS and CHARGE as well as Lambda Chi, as the philanthropy chair. Oufkir has also been a member of the cheerleading team and the marching band during his time at Wake Forest.

His platform focuses on diversity and inclusion within the Wake Forest community. He wants to bridge the gap between students, student-athletes, international students and graduate students. He wants to create more outreach and cohesion between the Wake Forest community and the Winston-Salem community. From an academic point of view, Oufkir wants to increase transparency in the student evaluation process. He also believes there should be more student-focused academic initiatives.