Abortion is immoral and should not be legal

Abortion is the greatest evil of our time. Any other phraseology fails to accentuate the gravity of abortion as an abominable stain on human history.

The practice sits adjacent to slavery, the Holocaust and other wicked acts on the top shelf in the library of human depravity.

In the long list of controversial topics, abortion is the single issue that genuinely grieves my heart. My goal is to emphasize the solemnity of this calamity, reenergize the debate and vitalize your human instincts.

The main problem with the abortion debate is terminology. Most importantly, proponents succeeded in euphemizing the entire conversation. They constructed a lexicon that conceals the vile nature of abortion as a practice and shields sympathizers from otherwise unpleasant thoughts. By framing their advocacy as “pro-choice,” a deceptive moral equivalency emerged.

We hear abortion framed as a “women’s issue.” Once again, identity politics becomes the tool of pro-choicers who would rather avoid answering the merits of pro-life arguments.

While it is true that pregnancy only applies to women, nobody has a blank check to do anything they want. Arguing that I cannot oppose abortion because I am a man is textbook sexism. Furthermore, men are responsible for half of a baby, so excluding men from abortion decisions is unjust.

There are some things everybody, regardless of identity, should not be allowed to choose. Call me crazy, but I do not believe anyone should be allowed to prevent another human from living.

If abortion is truly a women’s issue, abortionists must not care about the millions of women aborted. Advocates portray women as the victims of anti-abortion laws, but the real victims are those who have no voice in the decision: the unborn.

Abortion follows in the historical legacy of the barbaric eugenics movement. Planned Parenthood is a major provider of abortions in the U.S. today. The organization derived its inspiration from Margaret Sanger, a woman who wished to see society breed out blacks and the poor. Sanger would certainly be proud of how abortion has fulfilled her racist dreams, as black babies are aborted at disproportionately high levels.

Human life inside the womb has intrinsic value. An individual can be charged with double homicide for murdering a pregnant mother, but a mother can willfully terminate her own fetus. Here lies the furtive principle undergirding support for abortion: women have the right to arbitrarily determine the value of the life inside their womb.

Abortionists claim each pregnant woman has the prerogative to make that determination, but asserting that “it’s a woman’s right to choose” does not justify the action.

For the same reason I expect society to respect the life of my family, friends and classmates, I have a legitimate interest in protecting the future human life residing in that womb.

A common pro-choice response is that a fetus is simply a clump of cells; though it is human life by definition. Therefore, it can be eligible for termination (a nice way of describing the process of sucking out the brain and crushing the skull) before the point of viability. If you adhere to this line of reasoning, then you should have no problem with killing someone in a coma because they cannot survive on their own.

This article does not intend to disparage women who have undergone an abortion. On the contrary, I see such women as perfect advocates for the cause, because they can share their experiences in order to preserve future human life.

We are cheerfully exterminating multitudes of humans before they have the chance to live.

Abortion is one of the most evil things conjured from the minds of men. There are simply no valid moral justifications. No amount of euphemisms can erase the brutal and immoral reality of abortion.

  • Alex Freberg

    I could not agree more. Society has normalized something that, in my opinion, is objectively wrong. Your comparison to slavery is how I imagine we will look back on the slaughtering of millions of innocent children in years to come. It will be looked back on as one of America’s darkest times and something we as a society will never live down.

    • Hue Janus

      You disgust me, you white devil.

      • Alex Freberg

        Okay, Hue.

  • Hue Janus

    You know what, I was pro life before I read this. Now that I have heard what the white straight man has to say, I am now pro choice.


      Hue your racism disgusts me, next time could you please have the decency to write, “Trigger warning,” or at least something like, “This post might offend people who value feelings over human life.” Oh wait, you’re probably a white cis male, you have no decency! You pig! Whites are evil! Especially whites of the masculine gender! By the way I’m extremely tolerant!😊 #ImWithHer #HillaryForPrez #TrumpsWordsHaveScarredMe

      • Hue Janus

        Oh look another man trying to tell females what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. By the way, if you knew anything you would know that it is not a child when it is in the womb, its just a clump of cells. Trust me, I’m a doctor.


    The same people who defend a woman’s right to choose to kill her child would defend the rights of a slave owner to own a slave. Great article! We need to call abortion what it is, which is murder💯

  • Lucia

    My question to you is what are you doing to protect human life once it is present outside of the fetus? You can care about the fetus… but morally, you should also care about other forms of life as well. What are your feelings on unauthorized immigrants? Do they count as human? What are your feelings on the 800 people killed by police this year? Did they count as human?…

  • Marissa

    You know what Caleb Rash, don’t back down on this one. I admire you and respect you. Thank you for this article. You are not alone in this opinion.

  • An educated person

    Dear Caleb,

    Maybe get a history book and read about the Holocaust and the definition of genocide. Moreover you are a man living in the 21st century, I do not know if you are aware that things out of our control happen. Maybe put yourself in the shoes of someone who is going through something such as this and realize it is a tough decision for both the male and female. Also your logic and reasoning makes 0 sense and I pray to God that you have not been educated on our campus, because if so it is a major failure on our university’s part for feeding you with these ideals. You sir are an imbecile, no even worse, you are an ejit. You have severely offended many people on campus, and you are a sad excuse for an ignorant man-boy.

    • Hue Janus

      I totally agree with you. Murder is the way to go.

    • Alex Freberg

      First off, attacking him personally about something he believes without giving any refuting evidence to back up your claim actually makes you “an imbecile”. Second off, you’re going to “pray to God” that he wasn’t educated, seems a little counter-intuitive to me. I’m guessing you’re someone who enjoys their anonymity to feel safe when expressing their views.

      • Hue Janus

        You’re white, your opinion is not valid.



      since ejit is not a word i figured you meant *Egret

    • Zachary Taylor G. Harding

      What thou should be praying for is for God to show you thine own ignorance by way of town shunning. I pray for God to illuminate your braineth because it is obviously somewhere in a place that is darketh. At least thou acknowledgeth the heteronormative, “Male and female,” decision. Also thou sayeth thou art, “An educated person,” but I couldn’t help but see-eth thine own error. What thou meanseth is “3rd grade educated person.”

  • Sarah

    Great job using a thesaurus, Caleb! Those SAT words really bolstered your infuriatingly naive argument.

  • Michael McLamb

    This semester I am enrolled in an astronomy class. I’ve always enjoyed learning about our solar system and the mysteries that it holds. One of those great mysteries is the question of whether or not life exists beyond Earth. Something I found interesting and relevant to the issue of abortion occurred in one of our class meetings in which the professor discussed the prospects of life below the surface of Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. The professor explained that this “life” would probably be microbial in nature if it did exist.

    My point in sharing this story is that it seems to me like “life” is only life when it’s convenient. The scientific community would love to find life in another portion of the solar system because it would be a fascinating discovery that could simultaneously confirm our theories of how life began on Earth. Therefore something incalculably less advanced than a human fetus is indeed considered life.

    However when it comes to a human fetus, this is not considered life because sadly it’s more convenient for a fetus to be discarded if the fetus is not considered life. Even though a fetus encases everything it needs to grow into a fully formed newborn baby. The comparison on which is more complex isn’t even close between microbes and a human fetus. Yet one is considered life and one so often is classified as just a bundle of cells.

    We’ve gotta be scientifically coherent when talking about the issue of abortion even though it may provide us with some inconvenience as a society.

  • Lilliea

    SO proud of you Caleb!!! As a women in this day and age, I not only agree 100%, I also want to thank you!! I admire you and am so grateful for your courageous stance to speak for the unborn!!

  • Mike

    How could you force a woman to undergo 9 months of pains and taking months off from work if they were raped by a predator? If you are forcing a woman to live through 9 months of not just physical pain but also extreme emotional pain as they grow not just a reminder to themselves but also a glaringly obvious sign that they were raped to be broadcasted to the world, then you are harming this woman’s body even more than the rapist did. While forcing a woman to engage in sexual activity for 5-10 minutes is absolutely abhorrent, you are forcing a woman to live through pain for 9 months. The amount of pain you give this women, not just physically but also emotionally is truly brutal and immoral.

    • Alex Freberg

      That’s obviously not what the author is talking about. I have talked with Mr. Rash personally and it is not what he said at any point in the article. This is in reference to the 95% of abortions that are due to not wanting a child. This is not in reference to the 5% that are medical cases or due to rape. Please re-read the article.

  • abers

    Fetus’ are not and do not deserve legal personhood. This claim is obvious to everyone including the author. If you really believed that there was something morally equivalent to the holocaust happening, your response would not be to pen an opposition piece in the school news paper. If you really believed that potential mothers were murdering their babies with help from the medical community, I really struggle to understand why you would not seek to “disparage women who have undergone an abortion.” Are they not murderers on par with Nazi’s (as you seem to imply at the beginning of the article)? Why are you not comfortable with putting pregnant mothers in jail for endangering their fetus’ if as you note “individual can be charged with double homicide for murdering a pregnant mother.” The abortion debate is shockingly simple and revolves around one basic question. Should society value women, or should they value fetus.’ If fetus then by all means, ban abortion, ban allowing pregnant women to work in dangerous jobs (like nuclear physicists, chemists, any medical field), pass regulations controlling what they can eat, drink & do while pregnant, make pregnant women a prisoner to the bundle of cells living inside them, force them to make their medical decisions or even risk their life for a fetus. But hey, at least the fetus can enjoy a few years of freedom before they grow up to have their lives dictated to them in the name of pro life dogma.

    • Alex Freberg

      This was so poorly written and so illogical it was tough to get through it all. You misquoted several things and didn’t get his position at all. It isn’t a choice of right for the mother or the fetus, its rights for both. Read through his article again. It’s sad in America where not wanting to murder a child is considered a bad thing.

      • abers

        okay, now you read through my post again. I know the author and yourself want to live in a world where both woman and fetus can be equally valued. My point is this world is a fantasy. There is a direct cost to women’s economic freedom, mental health and physical health in a world where coerced pregnancy is mandated. It’s sad in America where half the population is valued less than a dependent clump of cells the size of a lime.

        • abers

          My other point – it is absurd to say that “the greatest evil of our time is abortion.” That is a mind boggling statement. The termination of an unwanted or life threatening fetus is worse than neighbors hacking each other to bits in Rwanda? Or entire villages of Jewish people being shoved in gas chambers? The many of the people who committed those crimes were tried for crimes against humanity and hanged. Is that what we should do with Doctors who perform the procedure or women who receive it? Of course not. Take a step back from your own hyperbole and think about the logical ramifications of your statements.

          • Alex Freberg

            Read through it again, still illogical from my viewpoint, but it stems purely from the fact that we have different values and perspectives. I see it as a living person and you do not. That is what it boils down to. I can tell from this conversation you are pro-choice and that’s okay for you, but I value every person’s life and to me a “bunch of cells” after conception is a person. I guess we will not agree on this issue.