SG Election Profiles
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Editorial Staff
Thursday, March 30, 2017

How to Vote

  • Vote on WIN on April 4
  • Voting lasts from midnight to 11:59 p.m.
  • Click on InfoCentral and then under Student Government select Online Voting
  • Click on each office and select and submit your vote for each candidate

Suyash Keshari

Suyash Keshari is a junior majoring in politics & international affairs with minors in both journalism and entrepreneurship & social enterprise. This year, Keshari served as a co-chair of the physical planning committee, which is responsible for increased campus parking availability on weekends as well as many recent initiatives in the Pit, including expanded dining options, hours and 82 new electrical outlets. As president, Keshari asserts that he would similarly help liberal arts majors have after hours access to study spaces and resources.

Outside of student government, Keshari also serves as the only undergraduate on a semester-long administrative committee dedicated to condensing the student code of conduct into a 15-page handbook that’s more easily accessible.

Keshari’s platform has concrete and achievable objectives by focusing on continuing to expand and improve on the work of the two previous administrations. He hopes to continue working closely with the student government presidents of three other Winston-Salem colleges — UNC School of the Arts — WSSU and Salem College, but plans to use this committee to organize philanthropy for the community and bring more students from each institution together more frequently. He also plans to expand the role of the current Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Keshari also brings new ideas designed to help the administration better represent the student population. He plans to be deliberate about ensuring international student representation in student government. Keshari also wants to replace one meeting each month with outreach that would send senators to the meetings of student clubs and organizations as liaisons, and he plans to form a student government listserv that would allow students to subscribe to a newsletter and reply with concerns more easily.

William Morgan

William Morgan is a sophomore studying history with minors in creative writing, Latin and politics. He has been involved in student government during both of his years as a student and considers it his largest commitment on campus. However, he is also a programming chair for RSA, developing initiatives like the s’mores outreach at Campus Grounds and the recent Dining Services Appreciation campaign. He is serving his second year on student government’s Academic Committee as a co-chair, and he was previously Senator of the Year and Committee Member of the Year. He was one of the students responsible for contributing to the Major/Minor Fair.

Morgan’s platform uses the acronym RATIO, which stands for Representation, Awareness, Trust, Inspiration and Openness, to organize its pillars. He hopes to make the communication between student government and its constituents more active by using a newsletter and making the administration’s objectives less fixed. He also aims to make all committee and Senate meetings more open for students to attend in order to hear more constituent voices.

One unique idea Morgan has involves student government’s role in connecting students and faculty. He wants to ensure that this happens more frequently and in more informal settings opposed to only in-classroom interactions. He also hopes to create a program in which students conducting research projects with faculty members can serve as ambassadors to other students interested in research to offer students a chance to share their projects with others.

Spencer Schiller

Spencer Schiller is a junior studying politics & international affairs and Spanish who has been involved with student government for three years. He currently serves as a co-chair of the Judiciary Committee and previously was a co-chair of the Campus Life Committee. In addition to his involvement with student government, Schiller has been an entertainment co-chair for Wake N’ Shake for two years.  Schiller’s platform, “Our Wake Forest,” revolves around three pillars: traditions, wellness and diversity and inclusion. Schiller began the campus mental health week initiative two years ago and plans to continue this emphasis on wellness by examining the use of study drugs and caffeine on campus, as well as on the effects of student sleep deprivation.

Diversity and inclusion is the largest pillar of Schiller’s platform. He aims to diversify the counseling office to include multilingual and LGBTQ+ counselors, conduct a research study to identify the gaps in campus diversity and create a new paid student position on the student government executive board dedicated to minority representation. Schiller has been a participant in the BRANCHES fall break social justice retreat and believes that all student government members should be trained using similar activities and by completing formal training programs like Safe Zone training.

One of Schiller’s unique ideas is to create a Liberal Arts Leadership Scholarship through student government fundraising efforts. This merit scholarship would help to fund a new student’s exploration of the liberal arts. He also hopes to continue to connect the student body as a whole to Wake Downtown, with an emphasis on liberal arts majors. He wants to emphasize this as a part of his focus on traditions, and also plans to continue to foster relationships between student athletes and the rest of campus.