Annual Lovefeast Hosted In Wait Chapel

With two services on Dec. 2, Lovefeast embraced the Moravian tradition of a shared meal rooted in love and fellowship. The event included the passing out of sweetened buns and creamed coffee, as well as choral performances and speakers. Students, faculty and community members gathered for this tradition.

Students, faculty and outside community members gathered in Wait Chapel for Lovefeast, an annual tradition that celebrates unique Moravian holiday traditions.


Associate Director of Student Engagement Dexter Sharp shares a poem “There was a time.”


Karen Gusmer (left) and Morgan Briggs (right) serve creamed coffee.


Sweetened, citrus-infused buns are passed around in a basket as the staple element of the feast.


The service featured a candle lighting ceremony that united the crowd under the theme of Lovefeast. The event first began in December 1965 and has become a tradition since.


Students lit the candles for the crowd in order to complete the ceremony. Two services were held, an abbreviated sermon at 4:30 p.m. and a full service at 8 p.m.