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Sentiments of Email Broadly Reflect Students
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Admittedly, I am jaded. Sarcasm has taken precedent over authenticity in my life. The massive and lurching System — the lethargic modes of oppression, the structures of authority — has worn me out. At some point, being genuine in the face of a blind and cold bureaucracy was not worth it. Engaging in good faith […]

April 12, 2018
New Film Aligns with President Trump’s Politics
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Film, famously, is a mirror. Fundamental truths are reflected through “what-if” scenarios, fantasy epics and reimagined stories; Gandalf does not tangibly exist, but it does not follow that his character does not mean anything. Arrival (a science-fiction movie about contact with aliens) has much to say about language, national boundaries and the human condition.

March 22, 2018
Plummeting US Life Expectancy Indicates a Decay
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Life expectancy fell for the second year in a row in 2016. Per the CDC: In 2016, a baby born in the U.S. can expect to live 78.6 years, down .2 years from 2014. This translates to roughly 800,000 years of life lost. Some perspective: American casualties in the Iraq war cost us 243,000 years […]

February 15, 2018
Rejecting polls that contradict personal biases rejects reality
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There was no way to look at all the information polls were telling us in 2016 and not walk away with the conclusion that Hillary Clinton was anything other than a favorite.

April 20, 2017