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Students overlook campus ride-sharing network
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By carpooling just twice a week, 1,600 pounds of greenhouse gasses can be kept from the air each year.

April 13, 2017
February cherry blossoms allude to climate change
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Cherry blossoms, chirping birds and sunshine.

March 2, 2017
The United States’ criminal justice system is flawed
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Most people are taught at a young age to understand that sometimes life just isn’t fair. But, this isn’t as easy to process as it seems — especially when dealing with the criminal justice system.

February 25, 2016
Make long distance relationships last
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Why miss out on experiencing the amazing things that love has to offer just because you’re at a different school than your significant other? I promise, you can make it work. Although it may be difficult at times to maintain a healthy long distance relationship, there are measures that you can take in order to […]

October 29, 2015