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Unmasked is a new Old Gold & Black podcast created, produced and hosted by Melissa Libutti and Heather Hartel with technical work by Emily Eisert. Unmasked was created to report on issues and topics that seem to go unnoticed or underreported on Wake Forest’s campus. Our goal is to bring you all the information you need in one easy to listen to location.
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One in five, but numbers don’t tell the whole truth
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Misleading statistics make sexual assault one of the most underreported and unaccounted for issues on a national scale. We looked into this issue on Wake Forest’s campus.

April 3, 2017
“We feel like a bunch of cows.”
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The ongoing story of how changing bus routes impact most campus employees. Interviews with: Alyssa Speas, Temple Jolly & Sharon Jones Hosted and Produced by: Melissa Libutti and Heather Hartel Technical Producer: Emily Eisert

March 24, 2017
Is there a price for happiness?
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A new institute dedicated to studying human flourishing and happiness…what could possibly be wrong? Interviews with: James Otteson, Gale Sigal and James Hans. Hosted and Produced by: Melissa Libutti and Heather Hartel Technical Producer: Emily Eisert

March 2, 2017
Unmasked: Pilot
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Listen in with Melissa Libutti and Heather Hartel in the teaser explaining the future of the Unmasked series.

February 22, 2017