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“Your actions, not your race, determine your level of success”
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At the end of last semester, I gave a presentation as part of a class requirement.  In this presentation, I posited the argument that the government should not be in the business of regulating speech, regardless of how “hateful” some may perceive certain speech. 

April 20, 2017
Health care is not a right for all in the U.S.
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Congress recently introduced the American Health Care Act, which is meant to be a replacement for the admittedly terrible Affordable Care Act — more well known as “Obamacare.”

March 23, 2017
Students voice opinions on SCOTUS nominee
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Like many of you, I do not have much faith in President Donald Trump, but not for the reason that you may think. 

February 10, 2017
Identity politics are hypocritical in nature
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America has almost always been a nation divided, facing internal political, social and economic struggles throughout its history. The 2016 election exemplifies such struggles quite well.

December 8, 2016