Deacon Compliments changed campus attitude
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The Wake Forest community has been fragmented the past few weeks due to a variety of factors, most notably the 2016 presidential election.

November 17, 2016
It is important that everyone votes
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Next week, the presidential election season will come to a close. After more than a year of campaigning, numerous debates, rallies and even scandals, our country will finally elect a new president.

November 3, 2016
The added length to future fall breaks is a good start
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Students at Wake Forest deserve more than just one day off for Fall Break. This year, students only get Friday off, but there is an instrumental change to the Academic Calendar for 2017-2018. Next year, Fall Break will consist of no classes Thursday nor Friday. Students work extremely hard towards academic success and balancing extracurricular […]

October 19, 2016
The changes to the Pit are not beneficial for students
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Students came back from summer break to many changes on campus, one of the more prominent changes being to the Pit. While many students are excited about the new “#ThePit” sign, the new pasta bar and modern look to the Pit, there are some concerns about the changes from last year to this year.

October 6, 2016
Students should watch and learn from the debates
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On Sept. 26 the first presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton sparked controversy among viewers, but it also provided them with more insight as to who each of the candidates are.

September 29, 2016
Administration must uphold campus values
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At a university where the motto of “Pro Humanitate” and the concept of an inclusive community are central to the campus values, the members of the Editorial Board at the Old Gold & Black strongly believe that every student should feel safe on campus.

April 14, 2016
Senate should grant Judge Garland a hearing
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On Wednesday, March 16, President Obama announced Merrick Garland as his nomination to the Supreme Court. If approved, he would be the successor to Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away in February.

March 31, 2016
Students should pledge to abolish “r-word”
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Beginning on March 14, the Wake Forest Chapter of Best Buddies and the Learning Assistance Center will host “Spread the Word to End the Word Week,” a campaign to eliminate “retard(ed)” from everyday usage. 

March 2, 2016
Campus should value opposing ideologies
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In last week’s column, the Editorial Board of the Old Gold & Black argued the importance of students educating themselves on the issues surrounding the 2016 race for the White House.

February 18, 2016
Students should embrace athletics
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For decades, Wake Forest University has boasted one of the more competitive athletic programs in all of Division I sports, with substantial consideration for the size of its undergraduate enrollment.

January 21, 2016