North Carolina Congressional Map Ruled Unfair

A federal court ruled North Carolina’s electoral map unconstitutional on Jan. 9 because Republicans had drawn the map seeking a partisan advantage. The court’s opinion stated that the Republican-dominated state legislature had been motivated by “invidious partisan intent” and committed three constitutional violations. As a result, North Carolina will be forced to redraw the boundaries of its congressional districts. Continue reading “North Carolina Congressional Map Ruled Unfair”

Men’s Tennis is a Force to be Reckoned With

As the No. 2 ranked team in the country, Wake Forest has a highly ranked singles player (Petros Chrysochos), can boast about another player in the top five (Skander Mansouri), and has the best ranked doubles team (Christian Seraphim and Skander Mansouri). With a recruiting class that is one of the best in the nation, Alan Gadjiev will be looking to prove himself, as he was ranked a mere No. 122. Continue reading “Men’s Tennis is a Force to be Reckoned With”

Hunt Mining — The World’s Highest Grade Silver Mine Resumes Production

Thomas Hartel co-authored this article.

Hunt Mining Corp’s Martha Mine, located in Argentina’s Santa Cruz province, is historically recognized as the richest silver mine in the world with production of ore grading greater than 5,000 grams of silver per ton. Continue reading “Hunt Mining — The World’s Highest Grade Silver Mine Resumes Production”

It is important to be safe while celebrating New Year’s

New Year’s is a world-wide celebrated event, with those from all over the world counting down to midnight. Always a fun and exciting event, New Year’s comes with some safety concerns, but there are ways to ensure that safety isn’t sacrificed for the sake of fun.

I love celebrating ringing in the New Year, but with that also comes responsibility. Many of the festivities on Dec. 31 entail drinking and drinking a lot. It is important to keep in mind that many, many people will be drunk throughout the celebration, and best protect yourself, friends and family from an accident happening. Here are some tips to have a safe and fun New Year’s.

1. If you are drinking, make sure you have a planned way to get home.

Whether it is uber/lyft, a Designated Driver, or a parent picking you up, make sure that whoever is behind the wheel is sober and ready to drive. It isn’t just about being sober, but being cautious of other drivers who may not be. While having a sober and cautious driver is important, it could also be safer to not leave the place you have been drinking, especially if you are at a friend’s house. Get a group of friends and spend the night at one person’s house to ensure that no one is on the road.

2. Drink responsibly.

If you are spending the night drinking alcohol, make sure you stay hydrated and have a good dinner. This will also help you avoid a killer hangover the next morning. One way to make sure you stay hydrated is to have easy access to water before you go to bed, like putting a bottle of water in your overnight bag or by your bed. Eat throughout the night too so that you can have that food absorb the alcohol you drink.

3. Celebrate with friends/family.

We all want to ring in the New Year with others, so make sure you get a group of friends or family members together. Whether you watch the ball drop at Times Square at midnight, are at a local bar or at a house party, surround yourself with those you like and want to start the New Year on the right foot.

New Year’s is always a fun holiday to celebrate, whether you are traveling with your friends or family or spending it at home. We all want to have fun ringing in 2018, but don’t forget to make sure that you, your friends and family are safe as well.

Executive Editors Prepare for New Leadership

As the semester comes to a close, the time has come for the transition of the Old Gold & Black’s Executive Editorial positions. Yet before we announce the new positions, we would like to reflect on the current editorial staff’s accomplishments and shortcomings, as well as areas where we as a newspaper would like to improve in the coming years.

Senior members of the Editorial Board began their time with executive positions at a unique time in our publication’s history, the Old Gold & Black’s centennial edition in January 2016. This calendar year proved significant for this group of editors for two particular reasons. First, this year was filled with opportunities to celebrate and commemorate the past 100 years of the publication. And second, it marked the first time in recent history that the publication would be led by two sophomores, Editor-in-chief McKenzie Maddox and Print Managing Editor Kyle Tatich.

Maddox led the Old Gold & Black for three semesters and served as Editor-in-chief for the celebration of the centennial issue, as well as for the celebration of life for Wake Forest’s most famous alum, Arnold Palmer. Both of these issues will continue to hold a special place in the history of the Old Gold & Black and in the memories of the seniors that will roll off from their executive positions.  

The areas where our staff has experienced extreme growth under the previous Editorial leadership is physically in terms of its number of members. Since 2016, the Editorial staff has almost tripled in size. Instead of having only one or two editors per section, each of the four sections has at least two editors and many have three.

From a production standpoint, the increase in the number of staff has allowed us to work more efficiently and pursue other areas of media communication, including making a podcast.

The second area where our staff feels we have developed as an organization is in both the number and the effectiveness of our investigative journalism pieces.

During the past year and a half, under the current Editorial leadership, our staff has written stories examining the conduct of the volleyball coach, exploring the underpinnings of the Eudaimonia Institute and holding the administration accountable for outsourcing the janitorial service to Budd Group. In addition, Arnold Palmer’s legacy was covered after his death, and on the anniversary of it.

The next Editorial Staff wants to build upon this momentum. One of the main focal points for next semester is Online and Digital Media, and producing new and unique content for the online site. Additionally, the Podcast introduced last year will be another important media focus for this Editorial Staff.

The current Executive Editorial staff is excited for what is to come. Under the leadership of Julia Haines as Editor-in-Chief, Becky Swig as Print Managing Editor and Heather Hartel as Online Managing Editor, the Old Gold & Black’s legacy of integrity, reporting the facts and serving the Wake Forest community will continue.

NYT profile rightfully sparks conversation

On Saturday, Nov. 25, the New York Times published a profile of Tony Hovater, a self-identified white nationalist and a founder of an extreme right-wing group, the Traditionalist Worker Party. Hovater represented the Traditionalist Worker Party at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA in August. Continue reading “NYT profile rightfully sparks conversation”

Saying “Merry Christmas” disregards inclusivity

Every year following Thanksgiving, I look forward to the following things: my mom being in a good enough mood to cook for me every day when I come home, seeing my relatives get drunk and argue over nothing at family gatherings, shopping for gifts and seeing beautiful, colorful lights. Continue reading “Saying “Merry Christmas” disregards inclusivity”