Rainy days bring good vibes

The beauty of rainy days can be seen in the little memories associated


Selinna Tran, Life Editor


Ring! Ring! Ring,” my alarm cries out, just as it does most mornings. Almost immediately after, my internal debate begins: should I get out of bed? On most days, the pro-stay-in-bed side that argues, “Just five more minutes!” is favored to win. After that war of words rages inside my head, the next step is to check the weather — the principal determinant of my mood. 

For most, seeing the grey cloud icon — which indicates a gloomy day full of wet hair, puddles and a dreary schlep to class — would be an unwelcoming sight. However, this isn’t the case for me. I know that for many, rainy days may exude melancholic vibes or have negative connotations. But for me, there is a welcome solace to the thousands of silver linings that may hide in dark skies and dozens of puddles.

The funny thing is, for someone enamored with rainy days — I own little to no rain gear. But this has a purpose. Part of the joy of rainy days is being able to just get absolutely soaked by the torrential downpour. The first indicator of a good rainy day is the reverberating noise of rainfall hitting the roof. 

On one notably rainy day, I had a plan to make the strenuous trek from North Campus Apartments to Benson, which — for those of you reading this — is a lot more exhausting than you might believe. I had been dreaming of the divine pesto spread offered by Forest Greens and that was the precursor to any desire that I held towards getting out of bed. The weather forecast for that day had called for endless bouts of rain, a North Carolina staple. As I got dressed for my cross-campus trek, the soothing noise of rain hitting the roof prepared me for my journey. I was so excited to see another rainy day! When I stepped out of the door, it was just as I had suspected. The rain was deliciously intense and deafening. Perfect. 

My primary objective on my trip to to secure the pesto-drenched sandwich was to find just the right puddle. I have a bit of a weird habit of needing to jump in every puddle I see, even if it results in a pair of swampy rainwater shoes. I have carried this idiosyncrasy with me since my childhood. The only downside to this eccentric habit is that I am considered a menace and a poor walking partner during rainy days, mainly out of fear of drenched ankles and shoes. 

My journey to Benson that day stands out as one of the best rainy days of my life because of the plentiful puddles that I found and the little spurts of joy that each of them brought me. 

Another benefit of rainy days is that they are perfectly suited for encounters of love. Because I’m a hopeless romantic, rainy days are integral to all of my Jane Austen fantasies, most of which revolve around having someone profess their love to me while we are both being soaked by the rainfall. I haven’t exactly thought out all the logistics of this moment yet, including the hindrance of my glasses and my poor eyesight, but that’s what fantasy is for. After all fantasy is, by nature, intertwined with occurrences of pouring rain. 

I can recall countless memories of magical rainy day experiences. From reading a good book while watching the rain hit the window, to standing in the rain and having one of those coming-of-age experiences where I felt the boundless nature of time, or even just appreciating the soothing sounds that rain brings, my list goes on and on.  

I understand that as you’re reading this you might think to yourself, “What is this girl talking about? It’s just rain.” 

In spite of your possible negative preconceptions and existing feelings about rainy days, I implore you to reflect on how these days differ from all others. Put any preconceived notions about rainy days behind you. There’s a hidden beauty in the reflections of the rain. Take the time to appreciate everything that these days have to offer. You might find a perfect day, and if you’re really lucky, a perfect puddle.


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