Editorial Staff: Community ties need strengthening


Editorial Staff

Wake Forest University has a moral obligation to improve its relationship with the surrounding Winston-Salem community. The education, nutrition, housing and healthcare disparities that impact certain areas of the city can be remedied through time and attention.

The passing of time will unfold naturally. Undivided attention, on the other hand, is an investment that needs to be established as soon as possible. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of each and every Wake Forest student, faculty member and administrator. The conversations that the Old Gold & Black’s editorial staff has had with student government candidates prior to this year’s election left us incredibly hopeful about the potential of expanding Wake Forest’s influence into the surrounding community.

Before endorsing candidates, we had the pleasure to sit with each nominee and hear about their platform and ask questions. To each candidate, we posed the question: should you be elected, how would you utilize your authority to break the barrier of the Wake Forest bubble? The next president of Wake Forest’s student body, Ally Swartzberg, was adamant about translating the ideals embodied by ‘Pro Humanitate’ into tangible changes throughout Winston-Salem. Swartzberg went on to voice her belief that all students — beyond those involved in service organizations — should have opportunities to become involved, enact change and give back to the community.

In addition to the sentiments voiced by Swartzberg, the editorial staff was impressed by the ideas articulated by the other candidates. It is our sincere hope that all of these officials remain true to their word and work to the best of their abilities to achieve the ambitious goals they laid out.

To put it simply, it’s time to burst the bubble. There is no excuse for complacency regarding this issue —  it is our civic duty to extend a helping hand whenever we can.

After all, there’s enough tragedy circulating throughout the news headlines right now. How about we start changing the narratives right here at Wake Forest?