Deacon Profile: Cat Mizzi


Caroline Walker, Staff Writer

A Class of 2020 graduate who majored in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) and minored in health & human services and theatre, Cat Mizzi is returning to Wake Forest to work as the new communications and events specialist for the Office of Sustainability. Her work will involve spearheading communications and marketing, planning events and supporting student leaders in their sustainability endeavors.

What made you decide to return to work at Wake Forest?

In a lot of ways, I felt my time at Wake Forest didn’t come to an end. Graduating in 2020 meant that my senior year never came to its ‘traditional’ end. And as such, I felt like my story at Wake Forest didn’t either. When the opportunity to return presented itself, I saw it as a way to begin a new chapter. As a student, I dedicated much of my time to working toward improving the university for all its students, and I saw this opportunity as a chance to continue and expand on my work, but in a new setting and alongside new people.

Why are you passionate about assisting the Office of Sustainability’s initiatives on campus?

I am passionate about being able to advocate for the importance of sustainability on our campus and in our community and as a whole. I think that sometimes there’s an intimidating barrier that people perceive when they are just entering into conversations about how to live sustainably or what sustainability looks like, and that barrier is one I hope to break through via our events, volunteer opportunities and educational collaborations. Also, I think the main source of my passion to help support the Office of Sustainability’s initiatives and impact on campus comes from my own personal passion for ecofeminism.

How does your work in the Office of Sustainability build on and relate to your undergraduate majors and minors?

Majoring in WGSS fostered a deep understanding of societal issues such as systemic racism, economic inequality and interpersonal and identity-based violence — and the intersections between these disciplines. My studies and my professors both helped to hone my voice as an activist, ally and intersectional feminist.

I have already begun to think critically about my work with the Office of Sustainability. I am dedicated to furthering conversations on campus about ecofeminism and the important intersections between the sustainability movement and other systemic societal issues.

My background in costuming and directing, combined with my theatre minor, have also provided me with a creative framework to capture audiences’ attention and bring causes — like environmentalism — to the stage.  I hope to tap into my theatre roots and foster the connection between the arts and sustainability on our campus in the years to come.

Your vantage point has allowed you to see Wake Forest evolve over the course of many years. What have you seen, in terms of sustainability, on campus since you were a freshman?

My mind instantly went to Plant Forward and sustainable dining efforts across campus. Seeing that growth upon coming back to campus was awesome.

How will you use your position to continue increasing awareness about environmental issues and promoting more sustainable behavior in the Wake Forest community?

I plan to host intentional conversations and promote learning through thoughtful events and communication. Wake Forest is a unique community, and from my experience, fostering genuine conversation and interest in self-growth and learning leads to unfading community change. By working to weave sustainability into the everyday in the Forest, it becomes an inseparable part of how our community operates.

What sustainability event are you most excited about working on this year as the communications and event specialist?

I’m excited about each event I’ll be able to organize and plan, but I do think that Earth Month 2022 is what I’m most looking forward to. I absolutely love collaborating with campus and community partners, and Earth Month provides me with plenty of opportunity to think creatively about event planning and partnerships.

Editor’s Note: This interview was edited for clarity and AP Style.