Lilting Banshees perform “Best Of” comedy show

The show highlighted the troupe’s best-loved sketches


Dakin Moore

The Banshees provocative humor shines through in their performances.

Maddie Stopyra, Contributing Writer

In their first show of the spring 2022 semester, the Lilting Banshees performed their “Best Of” comedy show —-which compiled their best-loved sketches from 2018 and 2019 — on Wed. Jan. 26. in Brendle Recital Hall. The sold-out crowds laughed alongside the performers at the highlight reel of 12 sketches ranging in diverse subject matter and style.

The Lilting Banshees are a student comedy troupe known for their absurd, comedic style and college-life satire. Following their familiar pre-show content, a slideshow of memes targeting Wake Forest organizations and students, the lights dimmed and student director Liam Shaughnessy stepped onto the stage to greet the audience. He explained that the sketches would highlight the upperclassmen and their written contributions to the troupe over the years. Performing old content allowed experienced Banshees to reminisce on their previous work but also gave newer members the chance to add their own style and flair to classic content. 

The show opened with a video poking fun at Greek Life through a mock film trailer that riffed on “The Quiet Place”. Performers parodied the popular 2018 horror film while depicting frat brothers salvaging basement parties and their drinking antics.

As the sketches began, the trust between the group members was evident. 

“The camaraderie and friendship within the troupe is my favorite part,” freshman Banshee Cooper Pate said. “My favorite people on campus are my fellow Banshees. I see them as family.” 

Audience members got a glimpse into this deep friendship as individuals rallied around each other to highlight each other’s theatrical and comedic strengths. 

As the performance continued, the energy remained high, as seen by the frequent laughter and occasional gasp coming from the audience. The custom 10-second ragers held between sketches increased in spirit as performers interacted with each other and audience members. 

During the sketches, the Banshees continued to mock campus organizations, specifically Greek life, by portraying sorority and fraternity stereotypes from 2018 and 2019. The performance also emphasized the theme of nostalgia as they focused their subject matter around popular children’s movies such as “Ratatouille” and “Lilo and Stitch”. One sketch titled “Lilo and Hitch” was written by Shaughnessy and depicted an Alpha Delta Pi sister willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to acquire an engagement ring. 

“I knew as the director, I could push the creative direction to a stranger side of the banshees that seldom shines though,” Shaughnessy said. 

After the show concluded, the Lilting Banshees stepped out to take their bows. The performers were met with enthusiastic applause and shouts from their friends. Audience members rushed the stage to congratulate the troupe on their production, and chatter filled the recital hall as students discussed their favorite moments. 

 “I always look forward to [Banshee shows] because they are creative, have lots of pop-culture references and I love to see my friends perform,” junior audience member junior Elyse Swift said. 

The Lilting Banshees will perform again on April 13th in Brendle Recital Hall. Updates can be found on their Instagram @liltingbanshees.