March 23, 2022

 Last week was such an exciting week for music. In the same stretch, Charli XCX, Sweet Trip, Blade and Ecco 2k, ROSALIA and GAYLE all released major projects. 

Perhaps the most shocking release was Sweet Trip’s three-hour album, which seems to serve as a farewell soundtrack, now that the band has broken up.

I am not someone who typically listens to draingang music — mainly because of the amount of grief that fans receive on the Internet — but I found myself enjoying various moments on “Crest”, like the penultimate track, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.

My favorite projects of the week were “MOTOMAMI” and “CRASH”. While I have just recently discovered ROSALIA’s music, I find her and Charli XCX to be fresh, invigorating figures in pop music, who drew on the hyperpop genre to create gigantic sounds. 

Finally, Weatherday and Asian Glow — two of the most experimental figures in the music industry right now — dropped a six-track EP on bandcamp, titled “Weatherglow”.

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