No. 2 Bun Bo Hue

April 6, 2022

Before this dish, I discussed pho — which is actually widely known and gaining popularity in the United States among non-Vietnamese populations as more Americans fall in love with the soup. However, another noodle soup — bun bo hue — might be lesser known to those who don’t have a Vietnamese restaurant in their neighborhood — or if you’re not Vietnamese. 

The components of the dish are fairly similar: noodles, beef broth, beef and an assortment of herbs and vegetables. However, the flavors could not be more different, as bun bo hue offers a spicy and deeply layered soup experience. Another key aspect of the dish is the size of the noodles — as they are noticeably larger in radius than pho noodles. 

I did not always like bun bo hue growing up — the bright red color had always thrown me off and I let my childish predications of being a picky eater dominate my palate. Now, however, bun bo hue has grown to be one of my favorite meals ever, and — in terms of taste — I might argue that it beats pho, but it falls short in having that nostalgia quirk that is the reason why pho is so near-and-dear to my heart. 

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