Summery Dates to Plan Before Fall in the Forest



Chris Ware/Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS

Julia Haines

Although summer break has ended, the season will continue until the fall equinox in late September. Take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy some seasonal date ideas before the leaves start falling.

Go for a hike

Take your boyfriend or girlfriend on a hike along with your dog, cat or pet pig. If you want your significant other to meet the family soon, this will be a good warm up for them to bond with your furry family ahead of time and get the cat’s approval first. So strap on your bean boots and a fanny pack full of all your trailmix needs.

Pick strawberries or blueberries and make popsicles from scratch

If you can’t quite track down the ice cream truck but still want to sit and have a cool treat with your significant other, try making fruit popsicles from scratch. Both strawberries and blueberries are in season over the summer. You can go berry picking together, and then come back to freeze your berries for a popsicle recipe you found on Pinterest.

Visit a farmer’s market and have a picnic

Farmers markets are chock full of opportunities to exhaust all of the food puns, gain some pity laughs and have a great time planning an organic, homemade dinner. Then you can then eat your meal outside in the (vanilla) twilight, with fireflies and Owl City.

“Netflix and stargaze” in the back of a truck

Take throwback Thursday to a different level and pick a favorite childhood movie to watch while laying in the bed of a truck or in your backyard. The added effect of real-life stargazing will be much more romantic than the glow-in-the-dark planet stickers on your bedroom ceiling.

DORAK together

Celebrate the happiness you have found with your significant other and spend a day “paying it forward” for the lonelier people of the world. Leave inspiring notes in library books, pre-pay for a Snickers bar at a vending machine or chalk up some encouraging messages on the sidewalk.

Be tourists in your own city

Be tourists for the day. Pick up a map, buy a few postcards and download Tripadvisor to find the best “foreign” photo opportunities for your summer daycation scrapbook. Ask for directions with a fake accent, get really excited about “famous” menu items at a local diner and treat your hometown like most people would treat Paris.

Crash a party like Maroon 5

Find a giant group gathering and act like you were invited to the event. Tell strangers that it’s a pleasure to see them again and ask the strangers’ kids if they got taller. Use any information they passively give you to ask more personal, detailed questions until you have convinced the strangers that they are supposed to know you, and soon enough they will play along. Then leave, feeling accomplished.