The changes to the Pit are not beneficial for students



Students came back from summer break to many changes on campus, one of the more prominent changes being to the Pit.

While many students are excited about the new “#ThePit” sign, the new pasta bar and modern look to the Pit, there are some concerns about the changes from last year to this year.

The Pit is a staple for students, especially underclassmen, but these changes are detering students from going to the Pit and are pushing them to other food options on and off campus.

One of the things students used to love about the Pit was the fact that it was easy to go and grab a quick meal. It was not too hard to be in and out in less than 15 minutes.

However, the changes have made the Pit slower and does not accomodate a quick meal.

Students have to look elsewhere in order to find a place to have a quicker meal.

While the food service is nice, it is not always convenient. The meals are not self-served anymore other than the salad bar.

Students have to wait in line to be served as opposed to going through the main buffet themselves.

Students often have to have a quick turnaround between classes, meetings and other activities, so the Pit is no longer a viable option for a quick meal.

Another downside to the changes is that there is fewer seating. During busy times, finding a table is nearly impossible.

The new layout of the tables and booths have actually limited the seating space available. Going to the Pit during lunch or dinner is stressful because of the lack of gaurantee of finding a place to sit.

The number of students enrolled at Wake Forest is increasing each year, so the new layout of seating will not accommodate the increasing number of student at Wake Forest.

The new layout also deters students from going to the Pit to study. Students used to be able to go and find a booth near outlets, but the layout this year has changed that.

Students want to be comfortable and have access to food when studying, but the Pit no longer offers the best option for this.

While the Pit will always be a staple to food options for Wake Forest students, the editors of the Old Gold & Black believe that future changes should accommodate a higher volume of students, quicker meals and more efficient study spaces.