Abortion is immoral and should not be legal


Caleb Rash

Abortion is the greatest evil of our time. Any other phraseology fails to accentuate the gravity of abortion as an abominable stain on human history.

The practice sits adjacent to slavery, the Holocaust and other wicked acts on the top shelf in the library of human depravity.

In the long list of controversial topics, abortion is the single issue that genuinely grieves my heart. My goal is to emphasize the solemnity of this calamity, reenergize the debate and vitalize your human instincts.

The main problem with the abortion debate is terminology. Most importantly, proponents succeeded in euphemizing the entire conversation. They constructed a lexicon that conceals the vile nature of abortion as a practice and shields sympathizers from otherwise unpleasant thoughts. By framing their advocacy as “pro-choice,” a deceptive moral equivalency emerged.

We hear abortion framed as a “women’s issue.” Once again, identity politics becomes the tool of pro-choicers who would rather avoid answering the merits of pro-life arguments.

While it is true that pregnancy only applies to women, nobody has a blank check to do anything they want. Arguing that I cannot oppose abortion because I am a man is textbook sexism. Furthermore, men are responsible for half of a baby, so excluding men from abortion decisions is unjust.

There are some things everybody, regardless of identity, should not be allowed to choose. Call me crazy, but I do not believe anyone should be allowed to prevent another human from living.

If abortion is truly a women’s issue, abortionists must not care about the millions of women aborted. Advocates portray women as the victims of anti-abortion laws, but the real victims are those who have no voice in the decision: the unborn.

Abortion follows in the historical legacy of the barbaric eugenics movement. Planned Parenthood is a major provider of abortions in the U.S. today. The organization derived its inspiration from Margaret Sanger, a woman who wished to see society breed out blacks and the poor. Sanger would certainly be proud of how abortion has fulfilled her racist dreams, as black babies are aborted at disproportionately high levels.

Human life inside the womb has intrinsic value. An individual can be charged with double homicide for murdering a pregnant mother, but a mother can willfully terminate her own fetus. Here lies the furtive principle undergirding support for abortion: women have the right to arbitrarily determine the value of the life inside their womb.

Abortionists claim each pregnant woman has the prerogative to make that determination, but asserting that “it’s a woman’s right to choose” does not justify the action.

For the same reason I expect society to respect the life of my family, friends and classmates, I have a legitimate interest in protecting the future human life residing in that womb.

A common pro-choice response is that a fetus is simply a clump of cells; though it is human life by definition. Therefore, it can be eligible for termination (a nice way of describing the process of sucking out the brain and crushing the skull) before the point of viability. If you adhere to this line of reasoning, then you should have no problem with killing someone in a coma because they cannot survive on their own.

This article does not intend to disparage women who have undergone an abortion. On the contrary, I see such women as perfect advocates for the cause, because they can share their experiences in order to preserve future human life.

We are cheerfully exterminating multitudes of humans before they have the chance to live.

Abortion is one of the most evil things conjured from the minds of men. There are simply no valid moral justifications. No amount of euphemisms can erase the brutal and immoral reality of abortion.