It is important that everyone votes

It is important that everyone votes

Next week, the presidential election season will come to a close. After more than a year of campaigning, numerous debates, rallies and even scandals, our country will finally elect a new president.

Whether it be Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or a third party candidate, that will be determined by the voters and the electoral college. This decision is one of the most important our country faces, and people need to vote.

Last week, Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama visited Winston-Salem to speak on the importance of voting.

They shared with the audience why it is a necessity to vote and to let your voice be heard.

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Voting is a constitutional right that many people have fought for and continue to advocate for, so it is important that students and the general public vote.

While there is controversy surrounding this election on who to vote for and whether or not our opinions really matter or even to not even vote we, the editors of the Old Gold & Black, encourage everyone to go vote.

Whether it be in your home state or here in North Carolina, it is a necessity and a privilege to vote. Not voting demonstrates apathy towards the election. It says that you do not want your voice heard.

Not voting is not an option. In a state like North Carolina, each vote matters and could be the one to make a difference. Because this is a swing state, votes make a difference — Michelle Obama emphasized this in her speech. In the 2008 presidential election, it came down to a few votes within each district.

People should not use the reason that their vote doesn’t matter as an excuse to not vote. Every vote matters, so use it.

For those who want to vote in North Carolina, the process is easy. With early voting, you can walk up, register and vote at the same time.

While this election has been controversial with the party nominations, the election encompasses more than just voting for president.

There are other local and state elections to vote on as well as various proposals on the ballots. There is more at stake than just deciding between Clinton and Trump.

This election is a turning point for our country, and for many students at Wake Forest, it is our first time voting.

We encourage everyone to participate in their right and duty to vote. The U.S. is fortunate enough to have the right to vote, so go to the polls on Tuesday Nov. 8 if not sooner.

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