Economics professor Hammond responds to colleague


J. daniel Hammond

In “Concerns arise over funding of Eudaimonia Institute” (March 23) Professor James Hans is quoted as saying:

“If the people in the economics department want to teach their majors that libertarian economics is the only way to go, then that’s their business. But if you’re doing it for the Koch brothers or something then you’re on the take as far as I am concerned.”

Neither my colleagues in the department nor I teach libertarian economics, let alone that libertarian economics is the only way to go. The closest I can come to making sense of “libertarian economics” is that Professor Hans may be thinking of the Austrian economist, Ludwig von Mises and his followers. We do not have any followers of Mises on our faculty.

I would welcome any member of the Wake Forest faculty who wishes to visit my class (ECN 260, The Chicago School of Economics, 11:00 MWF) to see what I teach.

J. Daniel Hammond

Chair, Department of Economics