D.I.Y. Halloween Costume ideas


Karly Ball/Old Gold & Black

Karly Ball

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means that many of us will be headed to Target and Walmart for costumes.

Halloween costumes from chain retailers typically range $40.00 and up, which can get particularly expensive if you plan on wearing multiple costumes for different  events. Instead, consider saving some cash and still looking cute with these simple D.I.Y. Halloween costumes.

An Athlete

Pull out your Wake Forest gear for this look! This costume can be pulled off by wearing your favorite sports team jersey with some shorts, tall socks and sneakers. Pair with a backwards baseball cap or snap back and use black eyeliner to paint lines across your cheeks.

Photo courtesy of Megan Anderson

A Hippie

Most of us own some form of tie-dye or know someone who does. For an easy D.I.Y. costume, wear a tie dye shirt with some colorful leggings, or substitute shorts if the weather calls for it. Take any headband and wear it across your forehead. Finish off the look with  a pair of round sunglasses, which can be obtained easily from local dollar stores or thrift shops.

A Critter

Ladybug costumes can be easily made by collecting red and black tulle to make a simple skirt, adding some black leggings and finishing off with a polka dot shirt. Eyeliner “freckles” would also enhance the effect if placed along the cheekbones. Turtles are another simple critter costume, where one could wear a dark green t-shirt with construction paper to form a “shell” on the shirt’s back. These costumes would be ideal for those who want to match their pets, since pet turtle and ladybug costumes are available at the local Dollar Tree this year.

A Farmer

If you have a pair of bib overalls and a plaid shirt, you already own all the components for this costume. Consider adding braided pigtails with ribbons for added extra effect, and if you’re feeling extra barnyard excitement, ditch the clutch and carry an empty egg carton instead.