New Rules for Walking on the Quad

Lizzie Snyder

Although there is no sign or particular verbal warning (think the Princess Diaries, “Get off the grass!”), walking across the grass of the upper quad has a sort of taboo attached to it.

When, might you ask, is an acceptable time to walk across the grass on the quad?

  1. When you plan to camp out. If the weather is above 60 and not raining, bring a blanket out and pretend to study.
  2. After late night subway.
  3. When you’re late for class. We all know who you are.
  4. When you’re super tired after coming back from the gym. Walking is hard.

These are the only four times it is socially acceptable to walk across the grass. The OGB is waiting on the University to release a statement about signs to be created next week.

Happy April Fools!