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“Bottle It In” Is An Enjoyable Daze

November 8, 2018

Kurt Vile released his eighth studio album, Bottle It In, on Oct. 12, and the mellifluous Vile continued his exploration of spacey extended songs that progressively build into his trademark “daze.” The...

Students Enjoy Comedy Open Mic Night

Students Enjoy Comedy Open Mic Night
September 27, 2018

Wake People Laugh hosted its first comedy open mic night of the year on Tuesday, Sept. 25, and the stand-up scene is off to a robust start. Unabashed comedy is something that has been notably lacking on...

Cartoon Show Explores The Human Struggle

Cartoon Show Explores The Human Struggle
September 20, 2018

Season five of BoJack Horseman was released on Netflix on Sept. 14 and it has proven itself to be both the most hilarious and depressing season. Socially, BoJack Horseman has taken strides in satirizing...

New Growlers Album Has Mixed Reviews

New Growlers Album Has Mixed Reviews
August 30, 2018

The Growlers unveiled Casual Acquaintances, an album of “demos, works-in-progress and other unfinished business” just before their annual Beach Goth festival. Casual Acquaintances is credited to singer...

“Westworld” Asks Questions About the Future

Photo Courtesy of imdb.com
April 26, 2018

Ben Ridgeway co-wrote this article.  Westworld, the landmark HBO series, is a futuristic science-fiction show with numerous fictional 19th century wild west scenes created by spouses Lisa Joy and Jonathan...

New Album Inspired by the 1980s

Photo Courtesy of amazon.com
April 12, 2018

Ben Ridgeway also contributed to this article.  Of Montreal is the brainchild of Kevin Barnes, who named his band after an unsuccessful relationship with a woman “of Montreal.” The band is a part...

A 50-year Flashback to Memorable Music

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April 5, 2018

Electric Ladyland- Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland is a double LP, and the last to be released with the Experience. It features many of Jimi Hendrix’s most famous songs, and with Hendrix increasingly...

Kyle Craft Approaches Music with Maturity

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March 29, 2018

Kyle Craft is one of those rare artists that I have been able to follow since his small, self-recorded beginnings; it is all too often that we only discover artists after they have been signed to a major...

Joy Division and The Smiths

Photo courtesy of iTunes.com
September 1, 2017

Bands are often linked to one another by fans, whether it be through their sound, lyrical content, location or some other factor — but this association is often not appreciated. Joy Division & The...

Current Rock Talents to check out

Current Rock Talents  to check out
April 20, 2017

Check out these modern rock acts.  The Growlers- The Growlers are a California based rock band with strong surf and psychedelic influences. Brooks Nielsen, the lead singer, executes a delivery ranging...

Bob Dylan awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature

Bob Dylan awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature
April 13, 2017

Bob Dylan, a songwriter who gained fame in the 1960’s, was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature — the first musician to receive such an award. Dylan now joins writers such as Toni Morrison, Gabriel...

1967: 50 Years ago in music

1967: 50 Years ago in music
April 6, 2017

Fifty years ago, electric instruments and rock bands were still in their infantile stages — everything was still being figured out. These three albums provide a small glimpse into what was going on half...

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