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How Not To Ride A Bike Around Campus

How Not To Ride A Bike Around Campus

Raven Mccorkle September 6, 2018

Although Wake Forest’s campus isn’t exactly huge, the distance between Magnolia and South Campus feels really far when you’re in a rush and have short legs. As an upperclassman, I’ve been attempting...

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An Ode to Elevator Queen Cherie Berry

Raven Mccorkle January 25, 2018

If you’ve been in any elevator in North Carolina, I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of the woman in the elevator. That woman is Cherie Berry, North Carolina’s beloved Elevator Queen. Berry is North...

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AHS releases their new season: Cult

Raven Mccorkle September 21, 2017

For a seventh season, writers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk have brought back FX’s hit series, American Horror Story. The new season, titled “Cult,” premiered on Sept. 5, 2017, an earlier date than...

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Breakfast is an underrepresented meal

Raven Mccorkle September 7, 2017

My name is Raven and I’m here to represent Breakfast Lovers International, a group that I’m sure exists somewhere. Wake Forest is in direct violation of Breakfast Code number one: failure to provide...

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Skydiving helps student take risks and fight

Raven Mccorkle September 1, 2017

Don’t wait until you’re about to kick the bucket to start doing things on your bucket list. As someone who is deathly afraid of literally everything, trust me, I know this advice is hard to follow....

Students remember to recycle as they leave

Students remember to recycle as they leave

Raven Mccorkle April 20, 2017

Students rush frantically back and forth between their dorm rooms and family cars. Trash bags and suitcases line the sidewalk as peers say goodbye to each other for the summer. Resident advisers collect...

Campus Day misleads first-year students

Campus Day misleads first-year students

Raven Mccorkle April 13, 2017

Campus day: the day where eager students who were accepted to Wake Forest tour the campus, visit current students, and get it drilled into their minds how great Wake Forest is. Campus day: the day where...

Student adaptation of Macbeth is well-done

Student adaptation of Macbeth is well-done

Raven Mccorkle April 6, 2017

On March 31, the Wake Forest theatre department’s production of the Scottish play opened, with cast members stunning, scaring and interacting with the many audience members that were in attendance. This...

Everyone remembers their first time... at Waffle House

Everyone remembers their first time… at Waffle House

Raven Mccorkle March 30, 2017

We all remember our first time. There’s often crazy stories, it’s kinda dirty and it  could be in a place where you don’t feel necessarily safe. That’s right. I’m talking about the first time...

On Diversity at Wake Forest

On Diversity at Wake Forest

Raven Mccorkle March 29, 2017

"Diversity, inclusion and respect are foundational elements within a deeply personal education," according to the Wake Forest University webpage on diversity. According to many students on campus, however,...

Writing humor isn’t always giggles

Writing humor isn’t always giggles

Raven Mccorkle March 23, 2017

Everyone loves a little humor — but has anyone ever stopped to think about the difficult, serious work that goes into writing a humor column? I’ve taken the time out of my busy day of minoring in...

Some age less gracefully than others

Some age less gracefully than others

Raven Mccorkle March 16, 2017

I can safely say that I am the oldest student at Wake Forest. Of course, I’m just a freshman, but I can promise you this is the truth. My actual age of 18 is definitely not in tune with my body age...

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