"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

Covers the campus like the magnolias
"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

Nate Amos and Rachel Brown of Water From Your Eyes pose below a sign.

The Old Gold & Black speaks to Water From Your Eyes

After our interview with Snail Mail this past March, Matador Records offered the Old Gold & Black the chance to speak to the indie art-pop group Water From Your Eyes ahead of the release of their new...

“Ted Lasso does something no other show has succeeded in accomplishing; it shows us, honestly, what it means to be human, writes Carolyn Malman.

The strength of ‘Ted Lasso’ is its humanity

Carolyn Malman, Contributing Writer April 24, 2023

“Ted Lasso” premiered on Apple TV in August 2020 after the height of the pandemic. The show has been nominated for and won countless awards including 11 Emmys, as a result of its award-winning actors...

Snail Mail performs at a March 2022 concert.

Talking sad girls and showbiz

James Watson, Maryam Khanum, and Daniel Nesbit April 14, 2023

Ahead of her May 6 performance in Winston-Salem, Lindsey Jordan, also known as Snail Mail, spoke over the phone to the Old Gold & Black on March 21. Among the topics covered were the 2022 indie horror...

Hopes for a new boygenius album were slim just a few months ago, but the groups  second album impresses.

Troy Bolton was right, the boys ARE back

Addison Schmidt, Environment Editor April 12, 2023

Like many other queer people, I don’t remember exactly the first time I heard a boygenius song — I think it may have been “Me & My Dog.” I initially fell down the Phoebe Bridgers pipeline a...

Cooper Sullivan is not enjoying his semester abroad.

I’m a WFU student who hates my study abroad

Cooper Sullivan, Senior Writer April 12, 2023

The best advice if you are thinking of spending a semester away from Wake Forest: don’t.  I don’t care what the study abroad office tells you, it’s simply not worth it. If you haven’t learned...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie earns an 8/10 from Ally Werstler.

Let’s-A-Go see ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’!

Ally Werstler, Staff Writer April 10, 2023

The year 2008 was a defining time in my life. I was a nerdy 6 year old who adored Pokémon and Mario. For Chanukah and Christmas that year, I received my most prized possession, a Nintendo Wii. With this...

Despite their lack of brain, jellyfish can still process sensory information.

On the majesty of jellyfish

Breanna Laws, Print Managing Editor April 10, 2023

Some people find their Higher Power hidden in the trees or standing in the pulpit. I found God in an aquarium. More specifically, in the microscopic space between my fingertips and the top of a moon jellyfish. Jellyfish...

Because music plays so heavily into the show, the series soundtrack is impressively good.

Six reasons you should watch ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’

Melina Traiforos, Staff Writer April 6, 2023

The Amazon Prime series “Daisy Jones & The Six,” based on the bestselling novel by Taylor Jenkins Reid, chronicles the rise and fall of a fictional rock band. Here are six reasons why it deserves...

The Bear tells the story of Carmen Berzatto, a chef who leaves a fine-dining gig for his familys sandwich shop.

Let him cook: Preparing for ‘The Bear’ Season 2

Tabitha Cahan, Contributing Writer April 6, 2023

In an age of too many streaming platforms, it is difficult to decipher what is worth the watch. However, I am here to say “The Bear” is must-see television. With commentary on late-stage capitalism,...

A graphic in students housing portal welcomes them home.

The Housing Games tests friendships

Roksanna Keyvan, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

I’d never seen anything like it. Voices carried down the hallways, sometimes hushed and quiet, but more often loud and panicked. The air was thick with tension. In the distance, a voice was brought...

The Worrell Professional Center receives high marks from Emily Bebenek on its utility in a zombie apocalypse.

Campus’s best spots for surviving the zombie apocalypse, rated

Emily Bebenek, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

As you can probably tell from the content of my articles, I have ADHD, which means most of my day is spent flipping through ridiculous ideas and scenarios. The latest one came to me almost like...

The Marriage Pact matches students based on a compatibility algorithm.

We’re better off loving for ourselves

Melina Traiforos, Staff Writer March 29, 2023

Bzzt. My phone vibrates. I have a new email: Match Announcement If you filled out the Marriage Pact survey in February, you probably found yourself in the same position I did — only a tap and perhaps...

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