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237 offers wide variety of ramen options

Only a year old, 237 is a bustling downtown ramen establishment
November 19, 2020

Roughly a year after opening, 237 has largely maintained its anonymity as one of the trendiest new eateries in downtown Winston-Salem. The exterior is marked not by its name nor any words at all, but rather...

Mojito Latin Soul Food opens restaurant

In the heart of Winston-Salem's downtown,
Mojito Latin Soul Food is convenient and delicious (Photo courtesy of @mojitolatinsoulfood on Instagram)
Bringing delicious Latin flavors to Winston-Salem, Mojito Latin Soul Food expands their food truck into a brand new restaurant featuring a menu of well-priced and delicious items
November 19, 2020

Mojito Latin Soul Food, located at 723 N. Trade Street, brings new and authentic Latin flavors to Winston-Salem, adding to the increasingly diverse mix of culinary offerings downtown.  The restaurant...

What Dairi-O means to me

The NC-based restaurant chain evokes nostalgic memories of college
November 19, 2020

As a senior who will be graduating this December, I’ve started to compile a list of “lasts.” The last time I’ll attend an in-person class. The last essay I’ll write the night before it’s due....

Camino shifts campus coffee landscape

Camino shifts campus coffee landscape
September 24, 2020

Campus Grounds, located in Taylor Residence Hall, opened for the semester on Thursday, Sept. 10 and will be providing Wake Forest students and staff with brand new Bobby Boy Bakeshop pastries this fall....

Clutch Coffee opens new W-S location

Clutch Coffee opens new W-S location
September 17, 2020

Winston-Salem has a new coffee shop to add to the ranks of Krankies, Camino, Bobby Boy Bakeshop and many others. Clutch Coffee Bar just opened a new location on University Parkway, two lights past Target....

Camino owner determined to give back to W-S

Camino owner determined to give back to W-S
September 10, 2020

Community can make all the difference. In 2011 when local entrepreneur Cary Clifford, an artist and baker, needed to move everything from refrigerators to egg cartons from the basement kitchen at Krankies...

@Winston_Salem_Eats promotes a “shop local” initiative

@Winston_Salem_Eats promotes a
September 3, 2020

Life Editor Catherine Regen interviews Caroline Osborn about her Winston-Salem food Instagram account. Osborn touches on the importance of supporting local and Black-owned businesses during COVID-19. She...

Mareesa Ahmad Tackles Nutritional Ignorance With Easy Cooking

Mareesa Ahmad Tackles Nutritional Ignorance With Easy Cooking
April 16, 2020

“I eat my rainbow of colors every day — a packet of Skittles!” This response from a child about eating colorful food, generally referring to fruits and vegetables, prompted junior Mareesa Ahmad to...

Burrito Boys: Finishing This Search At The Porch

Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter
February 20, 2020

Six months ago, I arrived on campus. The city, heavily influenced by the flavors and access of the South, offered virtually every culinary style a foodaholic could ask for, except for Mexican food, as...

Burrito Boys: Tequila Delivers On Taste And Value

Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter
February 13, 2020

Thomas Cutting contributed to the writing of this article. Here with another review of the best burritos in Winston-Salem, the Burrito Boys test local dine-in restaurant, Tequila Mexican Grill. Contrary...

Burrito Boys: Mi Pueblo Ahead In The Ranking

Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter
February 6, 2020

Back again with the newest take on the Mi Pueblo burrito, Burrito Boys are now ready to present the official top three burritos in Winston-Salem. Native to the city, Mi Pueblo has been serving up top notch...

Burrito Boys: Chipotle Is A Fan Favorite

Graphic courtesy of Micah Porter
January 30, 2020

Matt Motyl contributed to the reporting in this article. Continuing the journey of finding the best burrito in Winston-Salem, freshman Micah Porter, along with guest critic, freshman Matt Motyl, test...

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