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University Pledges Support of Paris Agreement

Ken Bennet/WFU
April 12, 2018

As a signatory of We Are Still In, a climate coalition of American businesses, states, cities and universities dedicated to working toward the goals of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, Wake Forest is...

Bike Sharing Provides Alternative Transportation

Photo Courtesy of Wake Forest Office of Sustainability
April 12, 2018

Everyone has those days when they just don’t feel like walking to class on the other side of campus. Some students drive their cars and park closer, but what effect might this have on the environment? These...

Communication Conference Brings Student Scholars

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Ron Von Burg/WF Communication Department 
The Great Teachers class with the 3 Great Teachers at Wait Chapel
April 12, 2018

This year marked 35 years of the biennial Wake Forest Universtiy Argumentation Conference, which elicits scholars, students and other individuals that have a genuine interest in the progress of communication...

Circulating Email Raises Safety Concerns on Campus

Circulating Email Raises Safety Concerns on Campus
April 9, 2018

Becky Swig also contributed to this article.  An anonymous email sent to some Wake Forest students titled “you are not safe here” issued certain demands regarding campus life. A blog post with the...

Immigration Reform Threatens Students’ Futures

Immigration Reform Threatens Students' Futures
April 5, 2018

Two flags, one American and one Mexican, both sit on her bedroom wall as equal parts of a prideful identity — an identity now put at risk. Maria Cortez-Perez is a Wake Forest sophomore and  recipient...

Deacon Profile: Matthew Dantism

Amanda Wilcox/Old Gold &Black
April 5, 2018

When the new pool opened in the Reynolds Gymnasium in late March, Matthew Dantism joined the Campus Recreation staff to direct and schedule use of the pool and aquatics classes and activities. In the days...

Provost Kersh Addresses Faculty

Heather Hartel/Old Gold&Black
April 5, 2018

On the evening of Monday, April 2, Pugh Auditorium was filled almost to capacity with anticipatory chatter. The excited noise, however, was not from students talking with their peers; instead the room...

Stars Can’t Shine with Light Pollution

Lizzie Snyder and Olivia Field/Old Gold&Black
April 5, 2018

The Reynolda Campus has many reasons that make a walk at night a wonderful experience. It is filled with magnificent magnolias, flowers spread around open grass areas and a Georgian architecture which...

Literary Salon Promotes Culture of Creative Writing

Photo Courtesy of college.wfu.edu
April 5, 2018

National Poetry Month started out with a bang in Tribble Hall, where the monthly literary salon was held in Ammons Lounge on Tuesday, April 3, to celebrate student poets and the winners of the Wake Up...

Campus Reduces Meat Consumption

Kristin Knight/Old Gold&Black
April 5, 2018

Students might not think about it, but the choices they make in the Pit can have a huge impact on the environment. According to the Office of Admissions, “Our motto, Pro Humanitate, is a calling to use...

Transportation System Eyes a Green Future

Transportation System Eyes a Green Future
April 5, 2018

Make a slight right onto University Parkway. Your estimated arrival time is in 12 minutes. Left onto Eighth Street. Right onto Patterson Avenue. Left onto Fourth Street. Left onto Vine Street. You have...

Students Seek Lessons on Sustainability

Clara Schinzel/Old Gold&Black
April 5, 2018

Wake Forest students work hard to live by the school’s motto, “Pro Humanitate.” Still, more education on the environment might be the push needed to help them live up to the motto on a sustainable...

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