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Companies begin to explore the metaverse

February 24, 2022


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The metaverse is a world that allows for digital interaction.

 What is the metaverse? More people are asking this question every day, especially since Facebook rebranded itself as “Meta” this past fall. With significant interest and investment from companies such as Microsoft, Sony and Apple, the metaverse could potentially be the next big thing. 

The metaverse is a 3D virtual world in which users can interact with one another. The metaverse could be a virtual office or a place to hang out with friends — the possibilities are truly endless. Meta and Microsoft are the two biggest players in the metaverse market at the current moment but are taking slightly different routes. 

Meta is leaning towards a reality that is dependent on headsets, which fit over your eyes and immerse you in a virtual reality.

Microsoft is taking the augmented reality route, which involves a headset that still allows you to see but also projects objects on the screen in front of your eyes, such as a virtual ruler. We are still in the early stages of the metaverse, and it may be more than 10 years before the vision of Zuckerberg and others for the metaverse become a reality, but the plans and funding are certainly there.

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