"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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'Covers the campus like the magnolias'
"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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A woman speaks at a meeting regarding womens rights in Sierra Leone (Courtesy of Lucy Ellis).

Politics in Sierra Leone serve as a mirror to American government

Lucy Ellis, Contributing Columnist September 26, 2023

This summer, I had the privilege of working with a non-profit organization called Media Matters for Women. As I closely followed Sierra Leone’s June 2023 elections, I learned the political and social...

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Editorial: The rankings are flawed, but so are we

Executive Board September 22, 2023

The talk of campus this week was the university’s fall from top-30 glory.  The decline was largely due to U.S. News’ overhaul in its methodology. The news organization did not consider small class...

Wake Forest should not compromise on its values as a liberal arts institution, writes Virginia Noone.

Drop in rankings exemplify America’s ongoing attack on liberal arts education

Virginia Noone, Photography Editor September 21, 2023

Liberal arts education is under attack, and the changes in the U.S. News & World Report rankings is just the latest example. On Monday, Sept. 18, our campus awoke to find we had dropped in the U.S....

Administration should work to improve Wake Forests ranking, writes Hope Zhu.

Rankings matter to international students

Hope Zhu, Staff Columnist September 21, 2023

I vividly recall the winter afternoon when I first learned that Wake Forest University had granted me early admission. It was during my senior year of high school, and I was thousands of miles away from...

Wake Forest is best off ignoring the US News rankings, writes Alex Mojica.

Wake falls 19 spots in the college rankings, and it’s all your fault

Alex Mojica, Staff Columnist September 21, 2023

It’s Sept. 18, 2023. You woke up and learned that the U.S. News overhauled its methodology to create their 2024 Best Colleges rankings and, as a proud Wake Forest student, you’re about to see where...

North Carolinas 15 electoral votes could decide the election, writes Dillon Clark.

Oval Offense: North Carolina will be the biggest battleground state in the 2024 Election

Dillon Clark, Staff Columnist September 21, 2023

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, candidates are focusing more and more on North Carolina. Historically, it's always been considered a swing state but tends to swing towards the Republican...

Hasan Minhaj speaks on The Blocks Podcast. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Emotional truths, meet hard reality

Shaila Prasad, Opinion Editor September 21, 2023

This morning, I read Clare Malone’s article in the New Yorker: “Hasan Minhaj’s ‘Emotional Truths.’” In the article, she exposes the popular comedian and former host of “The Daily Show”...

The Lilting Banshees advertise at the Fall Involvement fair (Courtesy of Wake Forest University).

Joining student orgs is hot, but the involvement fair doesn’t have to be

Aine Pierre, Online Managing Editor September 19, 2023

The beginning of the fall semester is often a time of great excitement. For first-years, the experience of being away at college — and all the newfound freedom that comes with it — is still fresh....

Students order at Smith’s Café, the latest occupant of the ZSR coffee shop.

The new dining options on campus, reviewed

Walker Newman, Staff Columnist September 15, 2023

Students have no doubt noticed the two new dining spots on campus — La Sabrosa and Smith’s Café, which replaced Yamas and Camino Bakery, respectively. This recent change has me wondering: What are...

Republican candidates debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Courtesy of Getty Images).

GOP debate shows party’s future beyond Trump

Adam Coil, Arts & Culture Editor September 12, 2023

The first Republican presidential debate was mostly a breath of fresh air for conservative viewers looking to move away from the distinct spectacle of Trump-era politics. A relatively small portion of...

Tribble Hall is the home of various humanities departments, including English, history, creative writing, and education.

Bring the English major back from the dead

Adam Coil, Arts & Culture Editor September 7, 2023

Nationwide, college students are becoming less interested in studying the humanities. According to the co-director of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Humanities Indicators project, Robert...

Some public figures, like Louisiana State University gymnast Olivia Dunne (pictured above) use photoshop on their social media posts (Screenshots of since-deleted Instagram posts by Olivia Dunne and Louisiana State University).

Is photoshopping on social media ethical?

Virginia Noone, Photography Editor September 5, 2023

My best friend recently texted me a picture of herself to get my stamp of approval before posting it on her Instagram, a tradition we’ve upheld since creating our accounts in fifth grade. As I looked...

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