"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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'Covers the campus like the magnolias'
"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

Old Gold & Black

SHAC volunteers lead sustainable notebook-making tutorial at a public engagement booth.

Local art collective prioritizes sustainability

Ella Klein, Environment Editor November 14, 2023

Sustainability might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you picture the arts scene in Winston-Salem. Although the city is officially dubbed the “City of Arts and Innovation,” its environmentalist...

An acre of electricity producing solar panels saves between 267,526 to 303,513 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. (Source: Columbia Climate School)

The world is running out of energy… can this be solved with solar cells?

Beza Zelalem, Contributing Writer November 14, 2023

Let’s be honest. How knowledgeable are you on photovoltaic cells and their importance? If your answer is “not very knowledgeable,” don’t worry because world-renowned professor Michael Grätzal...

Trees on campus color Tribble Courtyard with vibrant hues of yellow, red, and orange in the fall.

‘Not just aesthetics:’ Landscaping in ‘The Forest’ serves a bigger purpose

Mollie Maynard, Contributing Writer November 9, 2023

Wake Forest is known for the natural beauty of its campus, but the characteristic landscaping of “The Forest” serves another, bigger purpose: adapting to and combating a rapidly changing climate, including...

Hidden from those who arent looking, native fruits and nuts are abundant, especially if you know what you are looking for.

Foraging for fruit and more on campus

Ella Klein, Environment Editor October 24, 2023

Pit swipes, Old Golds and food dollars have long satiated the student body of Wake Forest — with nearby grocery stores and the occasional off-campus dinner to satisfy any cravings. However, some students,...

The artwork featured in the Lam exhibit is created by the Etochime Harakbut Artist Collective, from the Madre de Dios region of Peru.

New Lam exhibit showcases Indigenous art

Jessica Creviston, Contributing Writer October 19, 2023

The Lam Museum of Anthropology’s new exhibit showcases indigenous artwork  The Timothy S. Y. Lam Museum of Anthropology has added a new exhibit titled “Mine: What is Ours in the Wake of Extraction”....

In her new role, Wilcox will lead the development, implementation and evaluation of sustainability in the School of Business, including curriculum integration and expanding experiential learning opportunities.

Wilcox to lead sustainability at business school

Una Wilson, Environment Editor October 19, 2023

On Oct. 17, 2023, the Wake Forest School of Business announced that Wilcox would be appointed as the first Director of Sustainability Initiatives.  In her new role, Wilcox will lead the development,...

A state of emergency was declared in New York on Sept. 29, 2023, following 4-7 inches of rain. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

When a concrete jungle becomes a floodplain

Natasha Heisenberg, Features Editor October 19, 2023

Pedestrians wade through feet of murky standing water with plastic bags tied haphazardly around their ankles. As flood levels rise, the rain refuses to stop pouring from the clouds, landing like bullets...

Members of Dr. Wayne Silvers worm neuroscience research lab remember his legacy and appreciate his academic guidance.

Brains and worms: Exploring the legacy of a Wake Forest lab

Maddie Sayre, Staff Writer October 12, 2023

Earthworms have long been a symbol of healthy, nutrient-rich soil. However, many earthworm species inhabiting the United States soil are invasive. As global temperatures rise and pollutants accumulate...

Every day, the vegan station presents a vegan twist on student favorites, such as Taco Tuesday.

Veganism on Campus

Maryam Khanum, Multimedia Managing Editor October 10, 2023

Maintaining a vegan diet can be incredibly difficult when you live on a college campus. Vegan college students often have to get creative in order to ensure that they are getting all of their nutrients....

(Courtesy of Wake Forest).

Wake Forest gets $5 million for energy, environment and sustainability center

Natasha Heisenberg, Staff Writer September 30, 2023

The Wake Forest Center for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) has become the Andrew Sabin Family Center for Environment and Sustainability following a $5 million donation. The endowment from...

Microgreens germinate in the darkness.

Winston-Salem couple and Wake Forest alumna take on urban farming

Bella Ortley-Guthrie, Senior Writer September 26, 2023

Cedric and Allison White (‘09) lead the way down the carpeted steps towards their basement in the Ardmore neighborhood of Winston-Salem with their two small children in tow. While some people use garages...

The picnic tables between Babcock and Luter is perfect for some quiet studying.

Finding great places to learn in the great outdoors

Bella Ortley-Guthrie, Environment Editor September 21, 2023

Are you tired of spending your days on the fourth floor of the ZSR library? Does sitting under your dorm room’s fluorescent lights make you squeamish? While Wake Forest offers numerous indoor study spaces,...

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