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Secretary: Melissa Carver

As secretary, I want to tackle three different broad categories. These categories while broad will be encompassed purposefully in my daily actions if I am elected. Transparency is of utmost importance to me in my personal and professional life. I want to work alongside admin to strengthen existing relationships with faculty and staff so we can gain more insight about their thought processes on daily concerns. This increased line of communication will serve as a pathway for student leaders to voice constituent concerns in a manner that will allow transparency on both student and administrative ends. Transparency also includes updating lines of communication. From Instagram to our website, I want to make sure the information that Student Government receives is accurately reported to the student body. For instance, the week of the Fertilizer Fire I was tasked with Public Relations concerns. I answered all questions and concerns that came to our attention. I communicated with Student Government’s executive team and made sure information from the administration was posted in a timely manner to our social media sites.

Campus resources are often times hard to gain access or awareness to. Many students are fearful of asking for help. I know I was. I want to work alongside offices that offer support to students and ensure all students are supported from the counseling center to the BSA. This begins with equal access. I recognize we do not all have the same access to resources off campus and that students may need support, furthermore, I want to help find students that support. Mental well-being comes first. On-going relations with the UCC and other support services that assist in academics socially or even health related are a top priority. I know how hard finding access is because I have been there. I was told by the UCC that I needed to be seen more than they could offer, but I fought for myself and found the support I needed. I want to do the same for any student who needs support. I have first-hand experience with most of the resources on campus which allows me to guide students through the process. 

Student Government is oftentimes pushed to the back burner by many. However, we are active all the time and students can reach out to us in a number of ways at any time. Assisting in running the Instagram and other public relations methods has helped me spread awareness and update students on what we as an organization are trying to do. I would continue this as secretary and even deepen the relationship by making Student Government more open. We want to know what students want. I want to represent you and give you the ability to tell us what you need. If I am elected, your voice will be heard. 

I am unique in the fact that I am a North Carolina native. I grew up surrounded by men and women who were not afraid to get their hands dirty. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty for the students of Wake Forest. My perspective is built on the past two years of listening. I want to lead, but most importantly I want to listen first. The best leaders listen and know they make mistakes and need the guidance of others. I know I am not perfect, but I will do my best for every student because each and every student deserves support and devotion from a student leader.  

Editor’s Note: This statement has been edited for clarity and AP Style.

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