No. 1: Pho

April 6, 2022

 This dish is number one simply because it has been incredibly integral to my life. It is a dish cooked during celebratory moments like my birthday and one that I have loved since childhood. This is not an easy feat considering that I was an incredibly picky child that despised most of the foods that graced my dinner plate. A sea of noodles is packed together in a delicious, slightly salty, slightly sweet broth that nests nicely with tender beef and various vegetables (basil is my premier choice as a beautiful component to the overall composition of the soup). 

As with most Vietnamese people that I have met who have graced their mothers with the testimonial, “my mom makes the best pho,” I must say that my mom makes the best pho. Despite trying this dish at various restaurants across the United States and even in Vietnam, nothing comes close to the piping hot soup my mom makes which I never let cool down before digging in. 

Perhaps it’s the intention, love and care that goes into assembling each bowl, or maybe the 24-hour prep time that the broth demands — either way, my mom’s pho is a dish that, every time I eat, I will be reminded of the fond memories of celebration and warmth that are associated with it. 

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