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Multiple writers for the Opinion section wrote critiques of Greek life.


April 27, 2023

This year, the Opinion section went through several changes while also introducing fresh perspectives, all while our writers came out with some inspiring articles. 

First and foremost, we held Wake Forest students and the administration accountable by doing what our section exists for — giving Wake Forest students a platform to voice their concerns. From campus accessibility to Greek life, we made it clear that there is always work to be done. We also made some direct impacts. Opinion Editor Lauren Carpenter’s article on dealing with the aftermath of sexual assault rang throughout our campus, forcing members of Greek life to actively reevaluate their standards and morals. This article made it on “Best of SNO” and won a national award.

Other on-campus topics that we explored this year include Photography Editor Virginia Noone’s article on the toxicity of “Fizz,” where she wrote about the ethics of the app, its strengths and its weaknesses. Staff Columnist Lourdes Lopez’s article about the importance of sleep for college students is an important call for students to remember that taking care of themselves must come before all other aspects of college life. 

Our writers care deeply about the world beyond campus, and the Opinion section also had several articles involving world-wide issues this year. Staff columnist Walker Newman’s article about earthquakes’ impact on refugee communities highlighted the severity of the earthquake in Turkey and its effects on the surrounding community. In contributing columnist Emma Shuford’s take on debatable climate activism, she wrote about positive and negative impacts that the Vincent Van Gough soup incident left in the field of activism. 

We are so grateful for our bright writers who continue to inspire us with new ideas, perspectives and incredible writing, and we look forward to the amazing articles to come.

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