Find Love Without Breaking The Bank



Has the “turkey drop” led to the Christmas jitters? What is this so-called “turkey drop” anyway? While not the most reputable source, sometimes Urban Dictionary says it best: “Turkey dropping occurs in adult life where, if you’re not in a great situation at Thanksgiving, then you better get out then. If not, then you run into the problem of being a cad for dumping someone around Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day.” (vladans/iStockphoto/Getty Images/TNS)

Micah Porter

As social media continues to advance its upward trend, students are finding themselves entering the dating scene at younger and younger ages. From middle school to college, couples are realizing the difficulties with funding a relationship for the first time. As a national trend of teen bankruptcy sweeps across the nation, young couples are depending on the steps and strategies that help maintain a relationship without breaking the bank. 

1. Online dating

Free dating apps, which allow young people avenues for unconfined sexual exploration, are affordable ways to discover others in the market for love. In recent years, online dating has gained negative connotations as a desperate method of joining people with a more eminent need for attention. Regardless, searching for love on the Internet has been the motif in the love stories of many happily married couples.

2. Picnic in the park

As love develops naturally over time, couples learn to sacrifice and invest for the sake of the relationship. Young couples on a budget, looking to take their relationship to the next level, might try spending time in the natural outdoors. Wake Forest’s very own Hearn Plaza provides a quiet sanctuary for a picnic lunch or an intimate chat.

3. Limit eating out

While dismissing the urges for Chipotle can be difficult, many couples find themselves saving hundreds of dollars a month by investing time in the kitchen. Home-cooked meals not only supply a hearty dinner, but it can provide the perfect opportunity to connect with your partner.

4. Out on the town

Special occasions call for a fancy dinner where you and your date are encouraged to enjoy quality time together. At this point, if funds still play a factor in the evening, consider the following options:

1. Seasonal foods not only taste better, they are more nutritious and they don’t need to be shipped in from half a world away.

2. By refraining from ordering alcoholic drinks when you dine out, you can satiate the gourmand in you while sticking to a budget. Even a few drinks at your local bar can add up quickly.

3. Bring the amount you want to spend in cash instead of using the card when you eat out. That will help you stave off the temptation to spend more than you intended.

5. Gift giving

As the relationship begins to take off, gentlemen often take it upon themselves to give a gift to the lady as a demonstration of compassion.

While many girls fantasize of receiving pearl earrings or a diamond necklace, try spicing things up by picking a handmade bouquet of flowers or try wrapping and presenting a gift already owned by the significant other. If they already own it, they must like it.

6. Play a sport together

From tennis to horseback riding, sports offer a fun opportunity for couples to put their relationship to the test and compete against one another. Wake Forest’s campus offers such a space for you and your special someone to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

7. Find free attractions

Checking the event calendars for community events can be an affordable way to find stuff to do. From concerts to art exhibits, couples now have the ability to engage in fun activities free of charge. Experiencing a free city event can be the perfect way to enjoy a date and build a community.