Discover campus’ hidden gems

Discover campus’ hidden gems

It’s easy to get wrapped up in a daily routine, so be sure to take time to check out these unique spots around campus.

Tree Swings on Davis Field

The tree swings next to Scales are a great place to study, relax, listen to the marching band practicing and contemplate the tougher decisions of life (like whether or not you should post that fourth photo of Wait Chapel). Each swing has a word inscribed on it like “hope,” “will” and “mood.” Spend your afternoon swinging in the sunshine to relieve some of your post-class stress.

Magnolia Room

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Possibly the best-kept secret on campus, the Magnolia Room, or Mag Room, gives students the unparallelled experience of eating cafeteria-style sandwiches, salads and soups in a white tablecloth, mint at the door, stemmed juice glass atmosphere. Costing only a single Pit swipe to get in, the Mag Room is located two floors above the Old Pit in Reynolda. Sit at one of the community tables inside or make your way to the outdoor patio for a table overlooking the lower quad. Additionally, it serves as the location of many special alumni events, sorority date functions and local receptions. The lunch staff of the Mag Room includes Ms. Maria Difazio, a campus gem herself, who has been working at Wake Forest for the last four years.

Campus Grounds

If it is true that the professional coffee aficionados of the world are not Starbucks-struck, they may find solace in Campus Grounds, a student-run coffee cafe located next to the bookstore in Taylor on the upper quad. Campus Grounds serves Krankies coffee and Village Juice products and regularly hosts student acapella concerts, radio listening parties and documentary screenings.

Zick’s Basement

The basement of Poteat, located below Zick’s — the on-campus pizza restaurant — is the basement you always wanted to have. Pool tables, large T.V. screens and a video game console furnish the subterranean room which is frequently playing throwback music by artists you probably obsessed over in middle school. While waiting for those delicious garlic knots or fresh flatbread pizzas from Zick’s, you can head downstairs and scope out open billiard tables for your friends to pretend they’re good at.

24-hour Room

Whoever created the 24-hour room deserves a serious pat on the back for understanding that sometimes, students need to be able to go to the library at 3 a.m. to study on a Saturday. Located to the right of the ZSR Library entrance, the 24-hour room is equipped with large tables, individual desk-chair combinations, a printer and the oh-so-necessary ZieSta Room, an upstairs portion designed for students who just need a quick nap during those all-nighters. The ZieSta Room includes lazy chairs, lockers for your valuables and framed, zoomed-in pictures of butter and jam packets to give you sweet dreams of the best southern staples. However, be warned that the room is always very well air-conditioned, so a jacket is a necessity.

DVD Room in ZSR

Even though Netflix has no chill and cannot make up it’s mind about whether or not to include classic movies such as Mean Girls and the Rocky series, students can count on the DVD Room of the ZSR to check out movies for any occasion. Located on the second floor of ZSR to the right, it is lined with shelves of DVD cases where students can find anything from a Pixar classic such as Finding Nemo to more recent hits such as Marvel’s The Avengers as well as datenight staples like When Harry Met Sally, all movies that are currently not on Netflix. Although HBO Go or Amazon Prime might be competition to the DVD Room’s collection, sometimes it’s much easier to pop a CD in than to track down that HDMI cord to hook your laptop into the big screen.

Game carts outside of Subway and Zick`s

If your friends don’t believe you when you say you’re a Jenga pro, you can use one of the two game carts located on the upper quad to prove them wrong. The carts include games such as Apples to Apples and Uno for students to borrow for a study break for an hour. The carts are located outside of Subway or Zicks, both of which have outdoor seating. There are few things better than beating your new friends at Taboo in good weather with beautiful Wait Chapel in the background.

Reynolda Village

While not located directly on campus, Reynolda Village provides students with a great escape within walking — or running — distance. It includes wooded running trails, restaurants and small shops, as well as a museum and an extensive garden. With access through the paved trail off of Faculty Drive, behind the Porter Byrum Welcome Center, students can enjoy the wetland remains of Lake Katharine, learn about the historic Reynolds family of Winston-Salem or check the garden for that plant your Plants and People professor suggested you find and take a photo of over the weekend. However, do not feed the feral cats.

Frisbee Golf Course

While not an official school sport, Wake Forest’s campus has a frisbee or disc golf course throughout campus with baskets next to Polo, in Davis Field and behind Scales. If the gym isn’t your thing but casual exercise is, you can check out discs at the gym and play the 9-hole round with some friends any hour of the day or any day of the week, since the course never closes. However, you are cautioned to watch out for sleep-deprived students and eager puppies who might serve as hazards on the course.

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