The hot-shot study spots on campus

The hot-shot study spots on campus

Studying regularly and effectively is crucial in college, so finding a good study spot is imperative.

The right study space is important, not only for academic success, but also to allow more time for other interests like extracurricular activities and ever-important Krispy Kreme runs. There are a multitude of options on campus from cozy coffee shops and private rooms to large public study areas, so no matter your study space needs, there is a spot for you.

ZSR Library

The award-winning Z. Smith Reynolds library (“ZSR”) is a popular place to study, and there are usually open spots on each of the eight floors. There are both private and public study spaces, and the volume of each room softens as you climb to the silent eighth floor study haven.

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For the social students, the atrium, with large tables and booths, is a good place to study alongside friends. It tends to fill up quickly, so it is helpful to arrive early in the day to snag a seat.

If silence is more your scene, the sixth, seventh and eighth floors are designated “quiet floors.” These floors are less crowded and are great for intense study sessions when you have a big exam or paper to prepare for.

There are also private rooms available that can be booked in advance that are useful if you need to meet for a group project or if you just want a space to study uninterrupted.

Coffee Shops

Nothing keeps a college campus running like a cup of coffee.

Campus Grounds is the student-run coffee shop located in Taylor residence hall. It sells locally made coffee and has a cozy, authentic feeling.

There are also two Starbucks located at opposite ends of campus. The arguably more popular one is tucked in the ZSR library, and the other is beneath the North Dining Hall. The Starbucks in the ZSR has comfortable seating and is in close proximity to your dorm and classes, but it tends to be noisier and more crowded than the latter. Although it’s a little further away, the north campus Starbucks is worth the trek and because of its quieter environment.

With the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air and relaxing tunes seeping through the speakers, coffee shops are a great place to study.

Farrell Hall

Farrell is at the north end of campus and has tons of study space options. Its stately appearance and beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to pour in, making it a stunning place to work. Farrell is home to the Wake Forest School of Business so business students often study here, but there are multiple floors open to all students.

The lobby has an Einstein’s Bagel Company along with lots of tables and couches that are perfect for studying alone or with others.

There are chairs and tables on the upper floors that are generally quieter, so this could be a better place to study if you need silence to focus.

When the weather is nice, you can study outside on the porch of Farrell and enjoy the fresh air while you work.

Dining Halls

The two dining halls — The Fresh Food Company, otherwise known as “the Pit,” and the North Dining Hall, referred to as “the North Pit” — are great places to study, especially between typical meal times.

At the Pit, a simple swipe allows access to plates of food and endless cups of coffee while you squeeze in a last-minute review before an exam. If you want to study here but prefer fewer distractions, try stopping by in the mid-afternoon to take advantage of the coffee and booth availability without the crowds.

The North Pit is a little bit of a walk from south campus, but is usually less crowded than the Pit and has a variety of seating options including booths, large tables and outdoor seating, too. Although the North Pit kitchen closes mid-morning, seating is still availble in the dining room and on the outside patio.

Class Buildings

During the year, there are unlocked classrooms in Tribble that can be used for solo or group study sessions. Other academic buildings like Manchester and Kirby are left unlocked for extra study spaces during finals week when the library is flooded with students.

The lobbies of class buildings provide quiet study spots, particularly during or after class is finished for the day. Though they are often overlooked, academic buildings prove to be just as useful for studying as more traditional study areas because of their quiet and idleness.


Just off the main dining area of Benson are tables that can be used for studying throughout the day. Although students pass through this part of Benson when they are getting food, it can be a good place to work if you don’t mind some distractions.

There is a quieter spot one floor above that has comfortable chairs and expanse of tables, making it a great area to work.

When the weather is nice, relocate your study space to the tables outside at the front and back areas of Benson. These are great places to sit and study with your friends, and you can take a quick break and grab a snack inside Benson.

Reynolda Hall

Explore the nooks and crannies of Reynolda to find your ideal study space.

The balcony of Reynolda has tables and seating areas along with a beautiful view overlooking Manchester Plaza and south campus.

When you walk inside from the balcony, there is a large room with plush chairs in the corners and tables in the middle of the room. This room is great for studying especially when you need to finish an assignment before heading to class.

There are benches and small tables outside of Reynolda along with a picturesque view of the upper quad and Wait Chapel.

Reynolda provides the classic Wake Forest landscapes that create a tranquil environment perfect for getting some work done.

Residence Hall Lounges

Within your dorm, there are lounges on your hall and in the lobby. These can be good study spots when you don’t want to lug all your books somewhere else, if the weather is bad or if you just don’t feel like leaving your dorm.

Studying in the residence lounges provides an opportunity get to know your neighbors better as you hang out and get work done together.

Dorms are a laid-back and accessible space to work, but sometimes it can be good to get out and try somewhere new.

So look around, explore the campus, and find your study spot.

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