Demon Deacon Dictionary

Demon Deacon Dictionary

B-school (bee.skool), n. The School of Business is home to all business courses and the beloved Einstein Bagel Company. With comfortable seating and natural light, this is a popular place for students of all majors to study

Chucks (chuhks), n. Chuck Taylor tennis shoes worn in a range of colors to signify which sorority you’re in. Typically these shoes are worn out to parties and functions

Compound ( kom.pound), n. an area off campus where many fraternity houses are located

Darty (dahr.tee), n. a day party usually held on a Saturday afternoon

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Dorm Storm (dawrm stawrm), v. to distribute fliers for a campus organization or local business by slipping them underneath dorm doors

DKE (deek), n. Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, not to be confused with our mascot, the Demon Deacons, which are sometimes referred to as Deacs

FDOC/LDOC (ef.dok/el.dok), n. First/Last Day of Classes

Froomie (froo.mee), n. 1. your freshman roommate, can be your best friend, your worst nightmare, or somewhere in between 2. your future roommate

GDI/Geed (jee.dee.ahy/jeed), n. Gosh Darn Independent, one not affiliated with the Greek system

LR (el.ahr), n. 1. Last Resort, an 18 and older bar off campus

Mountain Weekend ( week.end), n. a weekend when fraternities vacation in the mountains with dates. Girls typically paint coolers for their dates

Narp (narp), n. Non-athletic regular person

Pitsgiving (pits.givin), n. an annual event celebrating Thanksgiving where the Pit serves Thanksgiving food

Pit Sit (pit sit), v. to sit in the Pit for an extended period of time to hang out or study and conserve those Pit swipes

Posties (, n. a period between finals and graduation when seniors and other students go to Myrtle Beach to celebrate

Roll the Quad (rohl the kwod), v. to throw toilet paper, or to teepee, the trees on the upper quad. A campus tradition to celebrate winning a big sports event

Sexiled (seg.zayl.d), adj. a student who cannot enter their own dorm room because they’ve been kicked out for the night

Wake Wednesdays (weyk wenz.deys), n. when students choose to go out and party on Wednesday nights

WIN Stalk (win stawk), v. to look up a classmate on WIN Internal Directory

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