Age before beauty: the Bostwick Hall experience

Age before beauty: the Bostwick Hall experience

I’m sure that all of the freshmen (including me) have heard the stories, thirsted over the newness and dreamed of certain dorm rooms in a certain building *cough* South *cough*. I’m here to tell you that it’s not the best. 

After living in my humble abode of Bostwick for about a week now, I can promise that the experience is equivalent to that of a five-star hotel. Sure, I’ve seen South. Sure, they have sinks in their rooms, along with nice, newly laid floors and spacious areas, but I promise, Bostwick is so much better.

Living in Bostwick means you get to become close with your roommate; when I say close, I mean super close. There isn’t much space to “spread out,” (or breathe, blink or live) but unlike the dorm rooms of the sizeable South, the Bostwick experience promises that you’ll be bumping into your roommate all of the time! You can’t do that in South; you’ll have to walk a country mile just to ask your roomie for the snacks he or she has so graciously brought from home.

Bostwick comes with it’s own beautiful interior design! Now, I can’t speak for everyone else’s eye for design, but my room is exquisite. There are some beautiful pipes that run from the ceiling to the floor. I think they must be made of marble or something; why else would the designer of Bostwick put them in? I’ve heard that room pipage really ups the retail value of a house these days, so that must be the reason for them. I’ve visited one of the South dorm rooms, and let me tell you, they didn’t have those classy pipes. They had to bring decor from home! Yuck!

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I’m pretty sure that Bostwick is known for its luxurious showers, as well. You can expect hot showers any time of the day: the early hours before your 8a.m., or the witching hours when you just got done pulling an all-nighter — you name it! Hot showers, all the time. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you filled a pot with the water from the showers of Bostwick, the water would be hot enough to cook a Thanksgiving roast for 12. I’m pretty sure that I may have also suffered some pretty cute burns from the water as well. South doesn’t have that!

The best part of life in Bostwick is all of the super nice people. You get close with all of your hallmates when you trek down the hall to wash your hands, and you find out that there’s a social event going on in there. People who live in South don’t get to experience the glory of the Wonderful Bathroom Excursion, by invite only. I’m totally not at all jealous of the in-room sinks that those “Southerners” have.

All in all, Bostwick is the best place to be. If I’ve persuaded you to put in a request to move to Bestwick, I’m sorry, but our dorm rooms are already full. We’re all super close, our (sinkless) rooms come with beautiful decor and our showers are scalding hot.

Beat that, South.

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