Make funny and poignant “New Girl” your new favorite

Make funny and poignant “New Girl” your new favorite

In the midst of all the chaos and stress, sometimes you need to sit in a dark room and stare at Netflix until you look like a zombie.

If you’re looking to expand your watch list go check out “New Girl.”

I’m sure you’ve heard about it, maybe seen an episode, but go back to the first episode and start from the beginning.

The female lead character, Jess, is unapologetically weird in the best ways. I want to walk around singing my own theme song whenever life gets complicated. Jess lives with roommates Winston, Nick and Schmidt. Winston is a former Latvian basketball player. Nick is the poster child for high functioning underachievement. My personal favorite is Schmidt. Schmidt is bold and excessive.

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These four people share an apartment, and the adventures never stop. There’s a little something for everyone in this show. The friendships have no boundaries. There’s comedy at the expense of the characters, whose awkward mishaps are always caused by their own social ineptitude.

You’ve got a little romance here and there — team Jess and Nick for life, am I right?

This show is brutally honest about the struggles we face in everyday life and pokes fun at our inability to cope with our own misfortune.

If you need a little consistency in your life, turn on “New Girl” to be consistently entertained. At the end of the day, throughout all the chaos, these unlikely four have each other, just like this show will be there for you.

Go turn off your lights, stock pile some snacks and open your computer to five seasons of comic relief.

I give this show a four out of five stars. The storyline can seem over the top at times, and Lamorne Morris’ character Winston is not always consistent. However, I can promise that this show will become a new favorite if given the chance.

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