Facts about Wake that no one would ever admit are true

Facts about Wake that no one would ever admit are true

Among the conversations of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” I’ve decided to compile a list of the best alternative facts about Wake Forest.

“I don’t love Pit breakfast.”

Anyone who tells you they don’t love Pit breakfast is giving you an alternative fact about their breakfast preferences. I don’t care who you are or what you say. You love Pit breakfast. You cannot tell me that the delicious pancakes that you stood in line for 20 minutes for were not a great break from the usual eggplant lasagna and broccoli.

“At Wake Forest, we’re big on diversity.”

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This gets shoved down the throats of every prospective Deacon who tours the beautiful campus of Wake Forest. I’ll admit, there are many efforts to create dialogue and awareness for students of diverse backgrounds, but if you look at race and economic background, claiming to be “big on diversity” is a bit of a tall tale.

“Wake Forest isn’t a party school!”

I remember bragging about this to my high school classmates who were going to other colleges that were labeled as “party schools.” Once again, another alternative fact. When I first read the Princeton Review article that ranked Wake Forest as the #14 party school, I couldn’t believe it — that is, until I settled in and realized that Wake Forest’s motto really should be “work hard, play harder.”

“There’s a class for everyone!”

First off, let me tell you that I’ve never known a more unfortunate situation to be in than freshman registration for the second semester. There were no classes available. I checked every class. From library science classes to class on greek mythology — which holds 100 students, by the way — every class was full. I went home for winter break, and I was only registered for 10 hours. Sometimes I wonder how every freshman ended up getting more than 12 hours… Was it the magic of Mother So Dear?

“Don’t trust Wakeratings! It’s only made up of strong feelings!”

One of my biggest mistakes was not searching all of my professors on WakeRatings before the start of my freshman year. Listen up, kids. If I had to offer a piece of advice to an incoming freshman, it would be this: ALWAYS check WakeRatings. Even if you were considering Michelle Obama as a professor for your HES class, check WakeRatings. You’ll thank me for it later.

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