Where does the Pit hide the good macaroni?

Where does the Pit hide the good macaroni?

We all have our secrets — some small, insignificant ones, some that only your best friends will know and some that you’ll take to your grave with you.

There is, however, a big group of secret-keepers on the campus of Wake Forest.

Those people are known as Aramark. The Fresh Food Company. The Pit.

How are they keeping secrets, you might ask? The answer is simple: their catering.

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I’m not sure if you know this, but every event on campus with food is catered by Aramark. From the food at the Student Union birthday bash to the hot cider occasionally given out in Benson, everything is bought from and catered by Aramark.

So riddle me this: how come the good food is saved for catering orders and the mediocre food is served to all of the other students in the Pit?

Not to say that I don’t love the Pit. The Pit pancakes on the weekends are what get me out of bed at 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays, the light at the end of the tunnel and the only thing that helps me to survive the tough school days of taking three theatre classes.

That being said, the lunch and dinner selections in the Pit are… not the best. The curly fries, pit pasta and yogurt station are always great. If you look at the daily menu, however, you see things like “chilli cheddar dog,” “sesame noodle salad” and “turkey soup with brown rice.” Aramark loves to create random dishes that shouldn’t go together.

The worst part about the Pit is the absence of good macaroni. Sure, there’s sometimes macaroni, and it always looks delicious, but it’s never more than a giant let down.

Are you following along? Good, because your mind is about to be blown.

I went to the Student Union birthday bash to celebrate Wake Forest’s 183rd birthday. Of course, I knew that Aramark catered, so when I saw the giant macaroni dish on the table, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

Aramark is great at making good-looking macaroni, but not so great at making good-tasting macaroni.

I studiously grabbed a plastic plate and proceeded to pile on the macaroni, knowing that I would probably be disappointed — again.

Yet, after I took a bite of the melted cheese covered macaroni, I was a changed woman. I died and went to heaven. It was an  “in that moment, I swear we were infinite” kind of love.

I’ll never forget you, Student Union macaroni.

That brings me to my current investigation: why is Aramark keeping secrets from us? Where are they keeping this delicious macaroni? What else are they not telling us?

Maybe one day, we can uncover the truth and get some good macaroni in the Pit.

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