Sydney experience is a blend of cultures

Sydney experience is a blend of cultures

“How you going?” Not, “How are you?” This is just one of the many everyday lingos an Aussie uses.

The land down under is a place filled with pristine beaches, unique ecosystems, majestic mountains and thriving coastal cities. It comes as no surprise that this country and continent sparks wonder and curiosity for a traveler. 

The fifteen-hour plane ride from LAX to Sydney consisted of many movies, bags of pretzels, stretching out of limbs and short and interrupted naps. Upon arrival, I was juggling my passport and visa along with two obnoxious roller bags containing four months worth of clothing. After traveling for a day and a half, this was a tad overwhelming. However, the exhaustion diminished immediately as I stepped outside the airport and saw the 70 degrees and sunny “winter” day.

People of all races inhabit Sydney, and it is truly a cultural melting pot. The vibrant culture ranges from Western European to South East Asian influences. From the fashion to the food, there is something that will satisfy any kind of person’s cultural cravings. The sense of style in Sydney embodies a strong individualistic approach. The stereotypical “beach babes” wearing boho chic clothing, were not confined to Bondi Beach while the trendy hipsters home base is a neighborhood known as Surry Hills. This booming city has hundreds of districts and neighborhoods that seem like little cities with characters of their own. They cohesively make up the greater Sydney area.

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Life felt more simple in Aussie land. There is the luxury of heading to the beach for an early morning surf before the morning train commute to the heart of the city for work. You have the chance to catch a ferry heading to the exotic Taronga Zoo. Sydney is a place where it is impossible to be bored. Every morning, I sprung out of bed and eagerly planned out that day’s adventure. The options were endless. Whether it was indulging in the Modern Contemporary Art museum’s treasures or browsing the obscure thrift stores in Newton, there were truly no bad days there.

Not only is Sydney one of the world’s fashion hubs, but it is paradise for a foodie. Spice Alley, nestled in an alleyway in the Redfern district between apartment buildings, is a haven for Asian street food vendors. Each booth carried delicacies of their own ranging from Thai, Indian, Chinese and Japanese dishes. This quite literally hidden gem exemplifies the diverse culture that fuels Sydney and challenges the picky eater to step outside of their comfort zones.

The city’s Bondi Beach truly became a getaway for me. The ocean is natural therapy, and the overwhelming tranquility I felt when I was there made me feel so at peace. I often reminisce on my time abroad; it was so temporary that it made it that much more precious. I never thought I could fall in love with a city. Living oversees is a growing experience and awakens the mind to the notion of never taking anything for granted. To consciously practice mindfulness, focusing on the beauty of the present.

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