Which Kylie Jenner Lip Kit are you?

Which Kylie Jenner Lip Kit are you?

We all know Kylie Jenner and that she’s famous for — almost — nothing.

We all also know that we’d willingly spend $30 on one of her infamous lip kits. Which Kylie Lip Kit are you based on your zodiac sign?

Aries: You are daring, bold and brilliant. That’s why, as one of Kylie’s daring lip kits, you would be Dead of Knight. This black shade is something that only you could pull off, Aries.

Taurus: You are persistent and dependable, which is why you’d totally be Exposed. As the OG Kylie lip kit, you’re everyone’s go-to color of choice.

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Gemini: Your love of talking and attention means that, as a lip kit, you’ll have to be able to stay matte throughout the long day of interactions. Candy K, which is my personal favorite, never budges just like the resilient gemini.

Cancer: Considering you love the spotlight, you will probably be easy to find as the lead in the theatre department’s productions. Mary Jo K is the perfect shade for the literal drama queen of Scales.

Leo: You are always true to yourself and brave,  Leo. That’s why True Brown K is the perfect lip shade for you. In fact, I wish I was brave enough to pull off a shade of brown that beautiful and bold.

Virgo: Virgo, as someone who always keeps it together, you’d definitely be Maliboo. This nude shade is perfect for the go-getter that you are. Don’t forget to use a lip liner, though, to keep your lipstick and your life in control.

Libra: You’re always super sweet and kind. Posie K, a pretty berry shade, is perfect for you. You’ll get a lot of well deserved compliments that are sure to boost your ego.

Scorpio: Mysterious and independent, scorpios don’t need Kylie to make them feel good about themselves. If you had to be a lip kit, though, you’d have to be Kourt K. The bold shade of violet is perfect for someone who’s awesome style doesn’t need to be explained.

Sagittarius: Everything about you is fun loving and adventurous. Of course, your makeup is no exception. You’d be Trick, Kylie’s nontraditional green shade. Trick fits you well because nothing about you is traditional.

Capricorn: You are hardworking and have your eye on the prize. As a lip kit, you’d be Kristen, the fun summery shade. Kristen is the perfectly wearable shade for anyone who wants to break the glass ceiling.

Aquarius: Although you don’t always display your emotions, you don’t need to fish for compliments with your display of style via a Kylie lip kit. You’d be Reign, Kylie’s metal matte lip kit because your lip color is enough to show you’re fashionable.

Pisces: Pisces, you are very creative. This shows in your lip kit color as well. You’d be Spice because you love to spice things up.

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