Writing humor isn’t always giggles

Writing humor isn’t always giggles

Everyone loves a little humor — but has anyone ever stopped to think about the difficult, serious work that goes into writing a humor column?

I’ve taken the time out of my busy day of minoring in theatre and eating at Einstein Bros to fill you in. You’re welcome. Follow these steps below for a manual on how to write a humor article.

Wait until the very last second. Wait for lightning to strike. Being funny takes time, you know, so you’re definitely not going to be funny in the blink of an eye. If you’re super stressed, this step is easy. You just lose track of the day and time until it’s Sunday night.

Open up a blank google doc. No one uses Word anymore, and if you do …  well, that could be a humor article in itself.

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Stare at the google doc for a few hours. Writing for the Old Gold & Black is serious business — especially when you’re handling an article as critical and formal as the humor column.

Pause for a bit. Go to Chick-Fil-A. Chick-Fil-A, aside from being the best place on earth, is always a place with humorous information just waiting to be delivered to the public. Also, the nuggets, lemonade and sweet tea don’t hurt.

See if you can find something inspiring. My go-to’s are always the Pit and Bostwick. There are always some misfortunes to write about, whether that be mold, a lack of avocados or moldy avocados — which have occurred in my room.

Come back to your computer and goof off a little more. Goofing around will get you in the right mindset to write a humor column. After all, no great comedian was ever all that serious.

Try to find something original to write about. For me, it’s always easy to write about my life. Trust me, there is always something funny going on.

If you’re still struggling to come up with ideas, take a shower. All great ideas start with a great shower.

Begin writing once you’ve thought of a brilliant, million-dollar idea. Make sure to continuously check the word count to make sure your article is long enough.

Check over everything, making sure that the content is good enough to send in to SNL. Share the masterpiece with the OGB Life gmail account, and you’re good to go! Comedy Central will be calling in no time.

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