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Wake Forest traditions you shouldn’t miss

One of the most appealing aspects of a tour of Wake Forest as a prospective student is the dizzying array of traditions our campus celebrates each year. From Shag on the Mag to President’s Ball, there are endless occasions to amp up your school spirit.

Hit the Bricks

Brian Piccolo was a graduate of Wake Forest University and fullback for the Chicago Bears who died of cancer at 26. Every fall since 2004, students create teams and participate in a full-day, relay-style race around the Upper Quad to raise money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund. This philanthropy event, among others on campus, allows students to fulfill the university’s motto: “Pro Humanitate.”

President’s Ball

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Every two years, the university sponsors a formal dance event to celebrate Homecoming. It’s called President’s Ball because the first one was hosted in 2005 to welcome the university’s 13th president,  President Hatch. Students look forward to dressing up every two years to celebrate with other students and faculty.

Rolling the Quad

One of the university’s most famous traditions, rolling the quad began after the university  moved to the current campus. On the old campus, students would ring a bell to celebrate a victory.

With the new campus came new traditions, and since the 1960s, Deamon Deacons have celebrated athletic victories by throwing rolls of toilet paper over the branches of the trees on the Upper Quad. So, after your first athletic victory, grab some toilet paper rolls, go out on the Quad, and join in the fun!

B.O.B. Fridays

You might notice that every Friday at lunch in the Pit, the line for the grill is much longer than usual. That’s because B.O.B.s, or “breakfast on a bun,” is many students› favorite meal on campus.

Whether they prefer croissants or English muffins, bacon or sausage, students agree on one thing: B.O.B.s are a Wake Forest classic.

Moravian Love Feast/Lighting of the Quad

The Moravian Church is a type of early Protestant Church that traces its national roots to Germany. Although this holiday is celebrated at Moravian churches across the country, the feast started at the university in 1965.

Participants are served coffee and a sweetened bun, and join in singing hymns. Afterwards, students (whether they have participated in the Love Feast or not) gather around the Quad to light a candle while musical groups perform. This tradition puts many students in the holiday mood as they prepare for exams and return home for winter break.

Eat Late-Night Cookout

The fast food restaurant Cookout is a Wake Forest staple. In addition to being extremely delicious, the food is also very cheap: perfect for a student budget! It’s open until 4 a.m., so it’s the perfect late-night fix. There are tons of different milkshake flavors, so make sure to try as many as possible before you graduate.

Shag on the Mag

During the spring semester, Student Union hosts one of their biggest events, Shag on the Mag. For northerners, “shagging” is a type of dancing that began in South Carolina. The semi-formal event features a live band, tons of free food, and, of course, lots of shagging. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to shag; Student Union also holds tutorials during the days leading up to the event.

Wake N Shake

Similar to Hit the Bricks, this philanthropic dance marathon raises money for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Foundation. Students form teams and dance for segments of six to 12 hours straight. The event includes raves, bouncy houses, as well as powerful speakers from our community who have been affected by cancer.

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