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Olivia Field/Old Gold & Black

Now is the Time to Start Planning Summer Travels

Over the past decade, more and more people put “traveling” as their habits or fun facts, yet it is a very broad term that means different things to different people. To travel is not quite the same as to have a vacation. Vacation is usually taking time out in a resort or hotel from either work or school — something that is regular and stress-inducing.

Traveling, however, is having the genuine interest in the immersion into a culture and understanding more about the world. If you are a fan of meeting strangers, learning about cultures and seeing some of the most amazing landscapes, traveling is right for you. Unless you are the adventurer that can leave at any minute, there is usually some planning involved before traveling. Below are some major aspects you might want to consider a few months before your trip.


Where do you want to go? Is it that city near your house? Is it the state you have never been? Or is it the country that you are always curious about? Just like what Saito said in Inception, “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.” Imagine yourself in Africa, South America, Asia, Europe or Middle East. The world is finite, but your choices of destination are unlimited.

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Who are you going with? We all want to explore and experience new things with our loved ones, but remember that traveling alone is always a choice as well. Sure, it might be difficult in terms of safety and taking photos, but maybe we all need some time away from the protection net and be on our own for once. Only when we are completely true to ourselves can we deeply feel that connection with nature.


How much are you thinking about spending? This is tricky, and traveling almost always requires money. However, depending on your overall style of traveling, you might not need to spend as much as you imagine. Regarding transportation, some choices may include flying, cruise, driving, etc. Some excellent strategies for saving money include hitchhiking, road trips and living in hostels. Budget is also well-connected to the duration of your trip, the possible currency exchange, your accommodation and food choices.

It can definitely be a hassle planning everything out before your trips, but better organization allows you to foresee what is coming and sometimes frees you from anxieties in a foreign country when everyone is speaking a foreign language. But more importantly, what you can get out of traveling is worth the hassle. Often we are caught up in our daily lives and the smallest inconveniences, while there is a much bigger world out there where people eat, dress, speak and interact differently. When we travel, we want to really live like a local and take in the culture; only then we can feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

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