Oreo Cookies Are A Serious Threat

Oreo Cookies Are A Serious Threat

Starting college, I’ve found out a few things that no one ever told me. One of those was the results of a recent Wake Forest study. It found that an astonishing 84.3 percent of Wake Forest students have eaten at least one carton of Oreos in the past 10 days.

Oreos are known to have addictive qualities, similar to substances such as alcohol. Have you ever had an Oreo blackout? Have you opened the package and before you know it, emptied it? Researchers are starting to call this “blacookie.” If you ever find someone passed out with an empty Oreo container near you, authorities would like you to remember C.U.P.S. — cookie crumbs, unlicked frosting, paled cheeks and spilled milk. If you spot this, you need to call 911-Oreos. But it doesn’t have to get to this point. You can spot it early and save a friend’s weight.

Have you ever gone to a friend’s room and noticed that they always have Oreos with them? How about a trifecta — a pack of thin, regular and double stuff? However, sometimes it may be hard to tell since some individuals hide their stash. But have you ever noticed that they always have milk with them but no cereal or anything else to go with it or are maybe even lactose intolerant (sacrifices are made for lactose intolerant folks. Anything for those Oreos). If this is the case, then sit down with your friend, talk with them, share with them your own personal experiences and how you were able to overcome the delicious chocolate cookie with the soft cream filling. Tell them there’s ice cream instead — it saves calories.

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