Plants Have An Array Of Benefits

Plants Have An Array Of Benefits

With the colder days, the trees are losing their leaves and the plant life around campus is preparing for winter, so adding some greenery to your dorm room might help remind you of warmer times. Plants also provide many other benefits; they absorb CO2 and release oxygen, purifying the air. Studies have shown that they enhance your focus and accelerate the healing process. They also have proven benefits to your emotional state and can help lower stress and anxiety levels. Here is a list of dorm-friendly plants for all levels of experience. 

Succulents & Cacti

These plants are very low maintenance and require little space. The succulents can survive in dry soil for several days, and it’s always a good idea with these plants to underwater rather than overwater. A rule of thumb is to just wait until the soil is dry before watering them again. It is important to have a pot with a drainage hole, which allows the soil to dry out. Place your succulents by your window, since they like bright, indirect sunlight. Succulents and cacti are fun because there is a large variety of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from.

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Air Plants

These might be the easiest plants you will ever take care of. While these plants don’t need soil to grow, they still need to be watered every one to two weeks. Soak the roots in room temperature water for about 5-10 minutes and then turn them upside down, preferably in bright light. Air plants thrive best when exposed to bright, indirect sunlight, but this can also be aided by artificial light in dorm rooms.   

ZZ Plant

This shiny plant is perfect for winter because it tolerates low light conditions; it will just grow slower than if exposed to bright, indirect sunlight. Similarly to succulents, you let the soil dry up before watering it thoroughly. These plants can grow to about three or four feet tall, so you can either trim the leaves or give them some space to grow. If you take care of them properly and keep them healthy, they will provide your room with a burst of greenery.

Snake Plant

These easy plants do best when they are potted in well-draining soil and a pot with a drainage hole because they are prone to rot. However, you can let the soil dry completely before watering these plants and try to avoid getting the leaves wet. They are tolerant to a variety of light exposure, which makes them very versatile. They are overall a cool looking plant and difficult to kill, which is perfect if you want to boast about your gardening prowess but have a black thumb.

Aloe Vera

These plants not only provide a nice aesthetic, but they can also provide soothing aloe for sunburns or rashes. Since they are considered a succulent, the watering pattern follows the common trend of letting the soil dry completely in between waterings. For these plants especially, it is much better to underwater them. They also prefer brighter sunlight, so it’s best to place them by a bright window or use artificial lighting as a substitute.

Even if you have never taken care of a plant in your life, hopefully this list will help you get started with some low-maintenance options. They are a great way to brighten up your dorm room and make the atmosphere happier during these colder times.

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