Seniors Learn Final Lesson Pre-Graduation

Seniors Learn Final Lesson Pre-Graduation

For those of us graduating in May, we only have 80 or so days left here in the Forest. While some find refuge in the fact we have limited time left here, others aren’t so happy. While the reasons vary from person to person, I have found many of my fellow single-and-ready-to-mingle seniors ready to make their next move, so they can make the next move.

But, listen, this advice column goes to both my friends using the short timing as an excuse and all you thirsty seniors urging to bust a move within the coming months. Oh, and maybe the rest of y’all, but this is for my graying fellow seniors, mostly.

While I understand why some of you may not want to shoot your shot, you’ve got to remember, the shot clock is ticking. Soon the game will be over, and you will be out of here with that possibility gone forever. 

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Maybe you are worried that opening up and expressing your true feelings will corrupt or disturb your friendship, and I understand this. But don’t blame the timing; acknowledge that you are fearful and that you are don’t want to possibly ruin a relationship. But more so, deconstruct why you believe being open with someone will hurt your relationship. Are we not adults? Well, for us seniors, we will need to be soon. But truly, we have the emotional ability and maturity to recover from some awkwardness. Given this, I say make the move, shoot the shot, just do it and see what happens. Maybe it will work out, maybe it will complicate things, but at least you won’t worry about the “what if.”

Plus, if things get messy, we only have a little bit of time left here, so if it is actually awkward, who cares? Soon you and whoever’s DMs you try to slide in may not ever see each other again.

Real connection doesn’t happen often in life and if you feel it, be real with your friend. Just because one doesn’t work out, keep shooting if you feel a connection.

Maybe you don’t want to listen to some single scrub like me. I understand that, but I’m just like you; I am feeling those feelings for someone and unsure what to do.

What I am really saying here is don’t be scared; take a chance because real connection is something beautiful, something that while it can bring drama and pain, brings a ton of happiness. And who knows, maybe time won’t limit the relationship — the future is unknown. Don’t make assumptions of what they will say, where you will be, or where you could be together.

So, slide into those DM’s, ask someone out for a messy dinner at Moe’s Southwest Grill, or see if someone will let you rip their Juul, but most importantly, just ask and have a conversation.

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